Unhustle habits

8 Unhustle Habits Of The Dutch

A couple of years ago, hygge – the Danish concept of getting cozy at home with candles, soft blankets, and endless cups of hot cocoa – became all the rage in the United States. This season, there’s a new European trend gaining popularity: The Dutch notion of “niksen,” which means to lounge around and be idle. And that totally jibes with our M.O. to “unhustle” your life, do less, and stay in bed more. Even science say it’s good for you. Research shows that doing nothing is not only pleasurable, but it’s also essential for helping the brain to process memories and emotions.

We know it’s not easy to put your life on pause when we’ve been trained to do the opposite. But you’ll catch on, promise. Try these unhustle habits, inspired by the Dutch.

1. Ride a bike

And we don’t mean Spinning at the gym. We mean biking for joy and relaxation. In the Netherlands, bikes outnumber people, and more than one-quarter of all trips made by Dutch residents are by bicycle, according to a 2018 report from the Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis. Bonus: It’s hard to have road rage when you’re chilling in the open air.


2. Bake bread

The Dutch oven that’s been collecting dust since last holiday season–put it to use by making a homemade loaf from scratch. The baking process requires patience, a must-have for unhustling, and kneading the dough is said to be quite cathartic. The best part: You get to savor the bread–slowly–in the end.


3.Try CBD

Coffee shops in Amsterdam are famous for their, errr, earthy menu selections. In the United States, you can try CBD oil, added to everything from gummies to bath bombs to seltzer water. For the record, CBD is a chemical compound from the cannabis plant. You won’t get high, but fans say you’ll feel relaxed and calm.


4. Learn to knit

Fun fact: The word knit comes from the Dutch verb, knutten. And any knitting enthusiast will tell you that there’s no better mind-numbing—and creative—activity.


5. Step into nature

The Dutch love to get outside, whether it’s near incredible tulip fields or their stunning coastline. Even if you don’t live near such majestic sights, it’s easier to clear your head when you change up your surroundings and get outdoors. Hike through the woods, along a local creek, or in a city park. You’ll feel revitalized by breathing in fresh air.


6. Surround yourself with unhustle reminders

Think about what’ll inspire you to take a breather. Is it an overstuffed chair facing a window? A pile on of cushy pillows or a weighted blanket? Artwork that makes you want to sit and stare? The Dutch painters Van Gogh and Vermeer come to mind.

7. Stare out a window

Yes, it’s that easy. Look up from your phone or laptop, and observe what’s happening outside of your walls—trees, people, the hum of city streets. Of course, this may be easier in the Netherlands, where a four-day work week is standard, and people have more time to gaze at the gorgeous Dutch architecture. But, hey, work with what you have.


8. Wake up slowly

Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than usual. Instead of jumping out of bed and beginning your daily hustle, take that time to wake up slowly. Relish the feeling of the cocoon-like warmth of your bed and the body-hugging comfort of your Nectar mattress. Don’t have one? Try a Nectar risk free for 365 nights.