Room Styles to Match Your Room Size With Your Mattress

Top Room Styles to Match Your Room Size With Your Mattress

So you’ve grabbed the best mattress and now you’re looking to decorate your bedroom. Where do you start? When are you done? It turns out it really depends on what you’re looking for, the size of your room, and your own personal style. If you’re struggling for ideas, check out some of ours! We’ve broken down each section by room size, so that you can figure out the best room style to pair with your mattress. Because we fully believe that your sleep space should be sacred.

For a Cute, Small Space Create a Focal Point

If your space is small (under 150 square feet), then figure out a focal point for your bedroom to revolve around. This doesn’t just highlight the fact that you have the best mattress(which, duh, of course you do), it’s also a way for your eyes to naturally be drawn to the central point in the room. This creates a “hierarchy,” so that you can create a central unifying theme to tie everything together. Pick a color scheme and stick with it, even when it’s tempting to create a kaleidoscope of colors. Three or four colors and tones should do the trick. Keeping your storage hidden helps with decluttering, but also creates an “open” feeling which is super important in a small space. No one wants to feel like they’re trapped in a cave.

If possible, try to get as much natural light into your room. When picking out the best mattress from our lot, it might be tempting to go big, but the good news is that a twin size bed will still give you the same comfort and support of our larger beds, plus the fact that it can be used with any base offers flexibility in a small room.

For an Average-Sized Space Try a Classic Look

If you’re rocking an average sized bedroom (190 square feet) then you have some flexibility in how you decorate. Figure out what kind of style you’re looking for, classic or modern, light or dark? It’s not just about having the best mattress, you have some space to play around with, so what are you looking for? A classic wardrobe can be great, but if it doesn’t match your other decor, it can look goofy.

Figure out a color palette that matches your style and go from there. If you love the vintage look, try thrifting for some fun bedroom finds like lamps or chairs. Don’t go willy-nilly though, too many conflicting styles can look less like an art deco sleep haven and more like a junk shop! As for your bed, a queen size should be the best mattress match for your bedroom. It offers the luxury of a large sleeping space, while still leaving plenty of room for your other furniture and accessories.

In a Master Bedroom Style is King

Having a large master bedroom can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you have tons of space for any sort of furniture you want, on the other hand you need to find a unifying style so that it doesn’t seem like some kind of second hand store barfed itself up into your bedroom. It’s easiest if you start by applying the same decorating style throughout. Is your style Colonial, Florida Keys, Eastern influenced? Use the same materials and color schemes throughout your house.

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