Tips For Sleeping Better With Your Partner

June is PRIDE month in the States, marking the month that same-sex marriage was legalized for members of the LGBTQA community. PRIDE walks and celebrations are scattered across America this month, and we decided to jump on the celebratory bandwagon to bring you some solid tips for when you cozy up to your partner at night.

How To Sleep Soundly With a Loved One


Sleeping with someone else on a regular basis can be difficult to say the least, especially in the summer heat. Attempting to meld sleeping patterns like bedtimes and wake times, deciding whether or not to put a TV in the bedroom, and choosing the right mattress to fit both of your needs are all challenges co-sleeping couples struggle with. Below is our list of ways to make the partner sleeping dilemma full of less stress and way more fun for you both.


  1. Use a cooling pad or a heated blanket

This practical tip will have couples across the globe jumping into bed together because they can’t wait to sleep in bliss next to their sweetie. Oftentimes our body temperatures tend to run a bit warmer or cooler than our partner’s body temperature. This can be a great combination if both you and your boo like to cuddle up next to each other and enjoy balancing out each other’s body temperature. These situations are usually rare, however, which is why a cooling pad and/or heating pad can become your best friend. In the summertime, especially if you do not have air conditioning, sleeping at night can be brutal. The good news is small cooling pads exist to help keep you at a beautiful, neutral sleep throughout the night. If it is wintertime or you live somewhere that is continually cooler, you may be interested in a heated blanket. The nice thing about both the cooling pad and the heated blanket is that they are both easy to use on your individual side of the bed, so your partner can feel comfortable at whatever temperature they prefer and so can you.


  1. Build a rockin’ blanket fort

Reconnect with the fun of sleeping next to your partner and reconnect with your inner child by building a blanket fort. If your house is feeling a little to warm, go to the coolest, most open spot in your house and start your blanket fort construction, complete with small openings for fans to move a breeze through. Make a date night out of it with a movie and some wine. It’s a great way to have a light-hearted night in with your loved one.


  1. Sleep in the elements


If you feeling adventurous, take your love nest outdoors and set up camp. Whether you put together a tent in your backyard or go on an actual campsite, you and your partner will undoubtedly find ways to rekindle the romantic spark when it comes to spending the night together.


  1. Talk it out

At the end of the day, every solid partnership is about open communication, and discussing sleep habits that work for you both is no different. Especially if co-sleeping is something that is just beginning in your relationship, you may be able to save yourself some arguments down the road if you take some time to talk things over now. Maybe you decide to go to bed at the same time every night or wake up and have coffee together in the morning. Maybe you agree on a certain room temperature, or whether the fan should stay on throughout the night. Whatever you decide, it’s always better when you can decide together.

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Mattress for couples

A crucial element to having a peaceful night of sleep with your partner is choosing the perfect mattress. Choosing the correct size that is right for you both is the easy part. It’s the small details that tend to be making a decision difficult. Luckily, Nectar understands that many people who purchase our mattress will be sharing it with another person, and we took this into careful consideration when it came to construction. This is why Nectar uses gel-infused memory foam that is specially designed to keep you temperature-neutral throughout the night. Many memory foam mattresses on the market are known for retaining heat, but we’ve beaten this issue with our breathable fabrics and gel-infused foam. Nectar also has low motion transferability so you won’t feel your partner when they toss and turn or when they get up out of bed. This element is especially important for people who sleep with another person so they are not disturbed by their partners movement.

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