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Teens Sleeping In Can Make The US Economy 83 Billion Dollars

Posted By Erin on Oct 27, 2017

It’s often in our best interests to let sleeping teens sleep in on their bed mattresses. When you wake them up early, you could be dealing with a sullen, ornery teen who just wants to sleep. There’s also proof that sleeping during your teen years is super important to your physical and emotional development. Simply put, well slept teens are happier teens. It’s why good bed mattresses from Nectar are such a sound investment for us as parents.

It turns out that there’s another reason to let your teen sleep in. It’s going to make the US economy a bunch of money. Researchers at the RAND institute recently figured this out. If US teens are allowed to sleep in, the US could gain as much as 83 billion.

Two Very Different Reasons to Sleep More

There are two main factors to why more time for teens equals big bucks. The first is improved academics. The second is a decrease in car accidents. Better grades equal better jobs that teenagers will obtain in the future. And better jobs means more income that can go into our economy.

This is especially important as the boomer generation. The new economy is based on tech. This means that more education will lead to a greater number of high paying jobs. It’s a real no-brainer then to invest in great bed mattresses for your kids. Investing in a Nectar is investing in the future of your child’s wellbeing!

Crashing a car is a parent’s worst nightmare. Not only is there the potential for serious harm, but it also means a ton of red tape and increased premiums for your car insurance. More sleep would lead to fewer vehicle crashes.

About 20% of all crash fatalities involve a driver who was impaired by sleepiness, drowsiness or fatigue, that’s according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Standards. This tragedy not only equates to a senseless loss of life, it also means that those workers are taken out of the workforce before they are able to reach their earning potential. The RAND corporation takes these workers and projects them back into the economy in their model based on a new sleep schedule.

So as you can see, sleeping is super important for your teen AND the economy. For the best bed mattresses and maximum sleep schedule, you need to grab a Nectar. Our mattresses lead the industry in comfort and support at a price point that every parent can appreciate. So go give them a Nectar. They’ll thank you in a decade.

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