Playing A Smartphone Game For 15 Minutes A Day Could Drastically Reduce Snoring

How many times has this happened to you: you lie down, tired and ready to sleep on your most comfortable bed, only to have your partner start snoring loudly just as you are about to drift off into sleep? It’s terrible. There have been many solutions over the years. Breathing strips, bulky masks, and expensive surgeries are just a few. But a new Minnesota sleep scientist says something else. Could a smartphone game be the answer?

A Sleep Secret Kept Well

An app named Soundly claims to be a clinically proven way to reduce snoring…without  the need to wear an uncomfortable device while you sleep. Soundly (http://sleepsound.ly/) has been developed by three sleep scientists with the help of Brian Krohn, a venture capitalist. Krohn says that the app is different than current sleep technologies because it doesn’t require the use of a bulky mask or equipment. The gaming technology is used to help snorers exercise and tone the upper airway. This addresses root causes of snoring and sleep apnea. “What we do is treat the root cause of snoring and help the body reduce it on its own,” Krohn said in a recent interview.

Tradition Meets Tech

Soundly was funded by a $50,000 grant to the University of Minnesota to help find new and out-of-the-box solutions to old problems. In making the case for their grant, the three researchers made the case that snoring and apnea is an epidemic that has no current solution. This is only partially true. Traditionally, snoring can get a lot worse with a poor mattress by making the sleeper’s rest uneven and tiring.  Nectar‘s mattress incorporates a quilted layer of cooling gel memory foam to provide extra loft and comfort, with better breathability. This can limit the snoring that is so detrimental to our lives — and the lives of our partners. “Snoring,” Krohn says, is a “pervasive social problem that greatly reduces the quality of life of individuals, partners, and families and has been tied to negative health outcomes,”

No More Snoring?

So when you’re at your wit’s end because your partner is sawing logs, remember pairing sleep apps with a new mattress could be the key to finding the rest you deserve. Nectar mattresses offer more cutting edge technology than their competitors — and at substantially less cost. No other direct to consumer bed company builds Hi Core Adaptive foam into their mattress. If the early results are any indication, this could be a new and fun way to solve an old problem.

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