How to Take the Best Selfie in Bed

How to Take the Best Selfie #bedselfie

You’re probably aware by now, but for the uninitiated, Nectar has a #bedselife contest starting February 12th. Snap a quick selfie video on a Nectar mattress for the opportunity to win great prizes from Nectar — including new computers, smartwatches, and tablets. No worries if you’re no Kardashian, because we’ve come up with this handy guide for how to get the best selfie vids ever. So put your best “smize” on and take a great video with your brand new Nectar mattress and upload it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or whatever social media outlet you love most. It’s so easy, just follow our directions on our website, check that you’ve read the rules, and enter to win. After you try sleeping on a Nectar you’re going to want to share your new-found love with the world.

Great Lighting for the Best Selfie

For awesome selfie videos you need great lighting — but not just any kind of lighting, natural light is key. Natural lighting softens the skin and provides great contrast for better jawlines and brighter features. It’s also a great way to highlight the contours of your new mattress. As fashion vlogger, Jordan Liberty says, “Lighting is the best fashion product you don’t have to pay for.”

Besides those obvious benefits for taking the best selfie, having a room full of natural light means that you’ll need less artificial light to see, which is also better for sleep. Artificial light can be a sleep inhibitor, and as we know sleep is also a great beauty aid. A good night’s rest prevents puffiness around the eyes, dark circles, and leaves our skin dewy and youthful. To paraphrase Jordan Liberty, sleep and natural lighting are both two great beauty products for a great price — free.

The Best Smile for Our Selfie Videos is a Genuine One

Of course it’s obvious to say that a great smile makes a great selfie, but often when we’re taking a pic or video, we try to fake it until we make it. Get yourself in a happy place before shooting. A genuine smile is better than a fake one every time, hands down. Lucky for you, a Nectar mattress is about the happiest place in the world you can be, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. Don’t worry about contorting your face into a giant grin or a fake smile, just relax, enjoy, and let us give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Horizontal vs. Vertical: Play to Your Angles for the Best Selfie

Kim Kardashian is the selfie queen, and it’s no wonder — she’s mastered the flattering selfie angle. Keep your chin low and your phone high is the general rule. The base of your phone should be around eye level, facing slightly down, then tuck your chin and snap some pics. This helps create flattering angles for your face, neck, and jawline, and – with a little practice – will give you the Kardashian look that you’ve been missing.

It’s also good to think about the advantages of the more visually pleasing horizontal selfie vs the vertical selfie (used in Snapchat or Insta stories). While verticals can be fun for a quick snap, a horizontal selfie allows for better angles and a wider panoramic view of what you’re shooting. If you’re submitting to our contest, a horizontal video gives you the best shot at winning by allowing us to see you ensconced in your beautiful bed! With angles like that, you’ll be able to show off your Nectar mattress with little effort and maximum effect. Don’t worry about the distractions, whether you’re lying on top or putting it in a selfie, a Nectar mattress is always there to support you first and foremost.

Show us Your Best Video of You and Your Nectar

With these tips and a quality Nectar mattress, you’re well on your way to winning our #bedselfie contest. Want even better news? If you have a mattress like Nectar, you’re already a winner. So check out the terms, rules, and prizes here and then enter to win. We’re excited to see y’all living your best lives, because when you’re chilling in a Nectar, you’re always flawless.

The best bedselfie has to do with good lighting, a genuine smile and angles that work for you. To know more, visit Nectarsleep.