Switch Up Your Sleep Routine in Summer

Summer Is Here: Switch Up Your Sleep Routine

The summer season is the perfect time to change up your daily norms, especially when it comes to sleep. Summertime brings more sun and longer days, which means more time to pack in as many fun activities as you can. To keep up with all of the fun things you’ve got going on, it’s important to balance it all out with some time for solid rest. Find time to kick off your shoes and kick up your feet this summer. Make your schedule work for you by finding a perfect combination of rest and play. We’ve outlined some key tips to spice up your sleep routine to build your perfect summer season.

How To Get a Quick Nap In Your Day

Author, journalist, and founder of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, mentioned in a recent interview that she will take a nap just about anywhere, even if it’s just for 10 minutes in a taxi. As the author of a recent book called The Sleep Revolution, you can rest assured that this lady knows her stuff. If you commute to work on some form of public transit, sneaking in a quick nap during your day is the perfect way to catch some extra zzz’s. While it may not be as comfortable as your own cozy bed, taking a nap while you travel to work is a great way to put it some down time to energize you before you start your work day. Pro napping tip: bring a small blanket or pillow with you on your commute to create maximum comfort. You may feel a bit silly at first, but the extra energy you add to your day by catching a few extra minutes of sleep will quickly dissipate any self consciousness you may feel.

If you need a nap during your regular work day, another great way to do this is by taking a quick snooze during your lunch break. Many places of work allow half hour, hour, or sometimes even have flexibility for longer lunch breaks. This is great news for those wanting a little middle-of-the-day siesta to unwind before jumping back into whatever tasks need tackling. Find a cozy spot, even if it’s just the back seat of your car or a bench at a nearby park where you can relax for a few minutes. You can disconnect from the craziness of the day for a little bit and feel confident and rested when you return.

Switch Up Your Sleep With These Quick Tips

Taking time to switch up your sleep routine and fit in a nap session here and there can make your life much more rich and enjoyable if you let it. When you’re more awake for the activities in your life, you are able to be really present with whatever you are attending to in the moment, meaning that you’ll have deeper discussions, better productivity, and an overall improved quality of life. The following are some quick tips to help your overall sleep life improve tenfold.

  1. Wear an eye mask

Sometimes it can be difficult to actually fall asleep in the middle of the day when the sun is big and bright, beckoning you to soak up its beautiful rays. This is why carrying an eye mask to block out light is the perfect solution. We can’t all be blessed with high-tech nap pods around the corner from our work space, so we’ve got to improvise, and eye masks are perfect for this.

  1. Pack a pillow

Anybody who has spent a decent amount of time in-transit knows the importance of having something comfy to rest your head on. Even if you just keep a chunky sweater in your car or at the office, it can make taking a quick nap much more comfortable overall and raise the chance of you actually getting some decent shut eye.  

  1. Practice waking up naturally

This one is a tip for sleeping better at night so you feel less like you need a nap during the day. Train your body to wake up naturally by sticking to a strict bedtime and wake up routine. For example, plan to go to bed by 10pm every night (yes, even on the weekends!) and start a wind down routine. Turn off your electronics, take a hot bath/shower, plan out your clothes for the next day, and read something to start to wind down. Give yourself a lights out time of 11pm and then set your alarm for the time you need to be awake by. Initially it is a good point of safety to keep your alarm on to ensure that you don’t oversleep, but after time if you are maintaining a consistent bedtime and relaxing wind down routine, your body will become accustomed to whatever time you have been consistently waking up. Next (and this is maybe good to experiment with on the weekends first), attempt to do the same routine but skip the alarm. Our bodies thrive off of habit and you’ll be surprised by how easily you will naturally wake up at the time you’d normally set your alarm to go off. Waking up without an alarm is much less stressful and allows our bodies to wake up without that panic-inducing shot of adrenaline that we get with an alarm.

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