Sugar Cane Could Help You Sleep Better

Sugar Cane Could Help You Sleep Better

It’s common wisdom to not have too much sugar before you go to bed. Studies show sugar is linked to all kinds of sleep-reducing behaviors. Sugar can keep you up. It can rot your teeth. And it can even have long term health scares like type-2 diabetes. Well, now certain research actually says that RAW sugar cane could hold the ingredient to a good night’s sleep on your best comfy mattress.

Sugar cane contains a chemical called octacosanol, which can help the body deal with stress and anxiety. Currently octacosanol isn’t exactly being used for sleep time on the best comfy mattress, but it is already used by athletes to boost their strength in short bursts. Octacosanol is also used to reduce cholesterol in some high risk heart disease patients.

How Sugarcane Makes Sleeping Sweeter

In experiments on mice, octacosanol reduced blood levels of the stress hormone corticosterone – and ensured a good night sleep for all the mice who took it (imagine the cozy little mouse bed with the best comfy mattress)! It’s theorized that octacosanol helps normalize and restore sleep patterns in mammals by normalizing how they process sugar. So while this technically isn’t eating sugar, the chemical found in sugarcane could be the key to why we process this so much easier than artificial sweeteners.

This is a welcome change from using alcohol as a sleep aid. Most sleep scientists agree that alcohol is not an appropriate way to aid your bed time, not only does it mess with your metabolism, it can actually wake you up halfway through the night as the effects of the alcohol wear off. Not a great thing to have to deal with when you’re tucked away in your best comfy mattress.

It turns out that not only does octacosanol help with stress reduction, it activates your brain’s neurological centers and brings on REM sleep more easily. REM sleep is the deepest sleep that you get, and where much of the health benefits associated with sleep occur.

Try it With Nectar

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