Suffering From Insomnia? Music and a Good Mattress

Suffering From Insomnia? Music and a New Mattress Could Help

Posted By Erin on Dec 29, 2016

There are a couple of ways a great song is like the best mattress. First, when both are really good, you’ll find yourself thinking about them all the time. Take Nectar mattresses, for example, they’re like a catchy pop song: good the first time, and even better the hundredth time. The second way the best mattress and songs are like each other is maybe a little more obvious, they both could be key components in helping you get the elusive sleep that you’ve been craving. Now we have science to back up this hypothesis. Not only can music help you drift off to sleep, it can also improve the quality of your sleep as you dream! A new study at the university of Ohio takes a comprehensive look at what music does to us as we lie dreaming on our affordable mattress (preferably from Nectar). “We included six studies with a total of 314 participants. The studies examined the effect of listening to recorded music at bedtime for 25-60 minutes daily in a period of 3-35 days. Five of the studies measured sleep quality and the overall result indicates that music can improve the quality of sleep for adults with sleep disorders,” explains PhD student Kira Vibe Jespersen in a recent interview. So what is the best way to utilize music as part of your sleep tools? Well turn on the record player, dim the lights, and hop up on your comfortable mattress, because Nectar has you covered on that front.

Not All Music is Equal

While it could be fun to listen to Swedish death metal or hardcore hip hop as you drift off on your comfy mattress (at the very least it could give you interesting dreams) that’s not the sort of thing you should listening to. Music with high rates of BPM actually can increase your heartrate and elevate testosterone levels, things that both can make your sleep spotty and hard to come by. The best music tends to be jazz, folk, or classical. Types of music with low amounts of drums and bass. They also tend to have a low dynamic range, so that you won’t be surprised by a crashing cymbal or 808 bass just as you’re beginning to drift off to dreamland.

Volume Matters

Try keeping the levels down when you sleep. Not only will your neighbors appreciate it, it will also give you less stimulation as you begin to sleep. Remember, this should be in the background of your mind, not the foreground. It’s all about creating the optimal relaxing environment so that you can find great sleep on Nectar’s great mattress.

Time it Out

Most phones or music devices now come with a timer. Utilize this. Set your music to only play for an hour or two into the evening. While it could be nice to have music play throughout the night, it could lead to some nasty surprises when Twisted Sister starts blaring at three AM. A timer is a nice way to curate a great sleepytime playlist. So what what are you listening to to sleep? Check the Nectar blog for great recs, and comment below on what works for you. At Nectar we are passionate about the best mattress, great tunes, and good sleep. See you in dreamland!

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