Best Songs to Listen to For Falling Asleep

Best Songs to Listen to For Falling Asleep

Posted By Erin on Sep 17, 2016

So what do great new music and mattresses have in common? Most people don’t have to go to a record store to grab new tunes, and most people don’t have to go to a mattresses store to grab new mattresses. Besides that? They’re both instrumental in putting you in the best place to get some needed shut eye. So with that, here are a couple artists that you can toss a couple bucks to after you ditch the mattresses store and come over to Nectar.

Bon Iver

Anything from the Bon Iver catalogue is great as a portal into the realm of sleep. His first album, For Emma Forever Ago is a classic folk album that helped spawn a new genre of indie music. His newest, 22, A Million is equally as brilliant, though it delves more into the realm of the electronic. A smart choice that still evokes powerful results — just like our shift from a mattresses store to using the Nectar blog and website. Check out the whole Bon Iver catalogue for a great way to end your evening.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is a neo-soul genius whose albums touch on love, loss, and everything in between. His slow jams are legendary and he’s worked with everyone from Kanye West to James Blake. His latest album, Blonde is a meditation on relationships. At times somber, at times beautiful, it’s the perfect rainy day music when you just want to curl up on your new Nectar mattress and avoid going out (like say, I don’t know, to the neighborhood mattresses store)


Temples is part of the new wave of British psychedelic pop that is taking the music world by storm. The four piece from Kettering play dreamy tunes, with floating guitar tones and otherworldly vocals, courtesy of the lead singer and guitarist, James Bagshaw. While a little reminiscent of seventies bands like Electric Light Orchestra or Wings, there’s enough new sounds there to keep it interesting, and keep you bopping right past the mattresses store on your block.

Land of Talk

This Montreal-based threesome has been slumbering for the past eight years (their last album came out in 2008,) but recently released the best album of the summer, Life After Youth. Lead singer, Elizabeth Powell has a unique voice, at times soft and lilting, at others powerful and full of emotion. Her guitar work is also phenomenal, it seems she hasn’t lost a step since their eight year absence. For a sample of their best work, try the new single This Time. It evokes all the best feelings of nineties bands like The Cranberries, without any of the nineties hangups, like unfortunate green hair dyes, or having to go to the mattresses store. Now you know what we are jamming over here at Nectar. We’re bouncing on our breathing base layers, but it’s ok! Nectar mattresses contour to you, so you never have to worry about a divot in bed. Let us know what you’re listening to for that easy transition into a great sleep. Here’s hoping you have a melodious sleep tonight.

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