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8 Can’t-Miss Sleep Stories From Around the Web

By Alex Stein

If we had to choose between celebrity headlines and sleep headlines, sleep would win every time (no surprise there). Shopping while sleep-walking; cuddling with robots; flesh-eating face mites that come out at night—we just can’t get enough! If you’re up for some juicy reading, check out these can’t-miss sleep stories.

1. Women lie about snoring

Turns out women have been making their male counterparts out to be the bad guy in the bedroom when it comes to snoring. A recent study of 1,900 participants showed that women not only underreported snoring, but also minimized the decibel at which they snore. Come on ladies—let’s normalize female snoring, loud and proud!
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2. Shopping in your sleep is a thing

Sleepwalking may seem harmless, but for some, it’s far more serious. A mother in England suffered intense bouts of sleepwalking that included frequent online shopping in her sleep. Reports say she even purchased a full-sized basketball court during one of her episodes. We’re more likely to splurge on a weighted blanket, but to each their own.
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3. Sleep robots are the newest bedmates

For those craving a cuddle companion in bed (with no strings attached), meet Somnox Sleep Robot. It’s soft and bean-shaped for optimal spooning, matches your breathing patterns, and plays soothing sleep soundtracks. Single life just got a little less lonely.
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4. Tiny bugs eat your skin and mate on your face at night!

Have no fear—it’s totally natural, science says. Microscopic mites hunker down in your hair follicles and come out at night to feast on sebum, your skin’s natural oils. Think of it as a free overnight facial.
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5. 10 Netflix shows that’ll knock you out

What is it about watching an Earth landscape or cooking show that makes it oh-so easy to nod off to sleep? Maybe because it’s the best kind of boring. Huffington Post lists the 10 shows that seem to work like a dream.
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6. Alexa can rock you to sleep

Add sleep assistant to Alexa’s long list of AI capabilities. Sure, she can order your groceries and tell you the weather, but did you know Alexa has more than 125 snoozy sounds to lull you to sleep, as well as an app that helps regulate your sleep cycle and knows when to wake you up? Alexa, can we marry you?
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7. Lack of sleep can harm your circulation

Adding to a growing body of research about how sleep loss can harm your health, researchers are learning more about what happens inside your arteries when you don’t get the proper rest. In case you need yet another reason to go to bed on time, this is it!
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8. Pokemon is crashing your bedroom

Just when you thought you could escape the craze of Pokemon Go, it’s now gearing up to invade your dreams. The new Pokemon Sleep game, set for release in 2020, is designed to track and gamify your sleep patterns and simultaneously train Pokemon while you snooze. We usually don’t play around when it comes to sleep, but in this case, we’ll make an exception.
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