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Eye-Opening Sleep Stories You Need to Know

By Alex Stein

Take a break from OD’ing on mainstream news because these (almost) just-as-important sleep stories deserve your attention, too. Summer heat-induced nightmares; employees getting paid to sleep; a game show that keeps you awake for 24 hours—critical stuff, like we said.

1. Netflix is gamifying sleep deprivation

Staying up late? A new Netflix game show challenges and rewards contestants for completing tedious tasks over the course of 24 hours. But it isn’t easy. Try shoveling quarters into money bags, counting the dollar amount in your head, and then dumping the coins into a wheelbarrow. Fun? The prize is one million dollars (it’s worth a shot!).
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2. Companies are paying their employees to sleep

Some businesses are connecting the dots between work productivity and sleep and rewarding workers for it. For example, employees at companies like Aetna can earn up to $300 a year for logging seven hours of sleep each night. Research shows that adequate sleep is essential for optimal brain function, which ultimately makes you more focused and productive on the job.
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3. Sleep-talking isn’t as bizarre as you think

You may think you’re crazy when you find out that you professed your love for Justin Beiber while you were asleep, but you’re not alone. Experts say sleep- talking is normal, although they can’t explain why we say the things we do. The only time to be concerned is when the symptoms include yelling or screaming in your sleep, coupled with restless tossing. That could be a sign of early Parkinson’s disease, and you should see a doctor.
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4. Americans are losing sleep over money

It’s no surprise that money problems can keep us awake at night. Case and point: A new survey revealed more than half of Americans lose sleep at night over a money-related issue. The number one offender? Credit card debt. Financial experts recommend not purchasing anything you can’t immediately pay off in full. We’ll keep that in mind next time we’re online shopping before bed.
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5. Teens’ sex choices may stem from sleep

Angsty teens have been known to act out when they don’t get enough sleep. How serious can it get? A recent study from the American Psychological Association found a correlation between teens not getting enough sleep and risky behavior around unprotected sex and increased drug use. Teens who were consistently sleep-deprived were two times more likely to have unsafe sex than teens who slept sufficient amounts. Parents, time to add sleep habits to the dreaded sex talk with your kids.
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6. Sleeping in a hot room can give you nightmares

As if sleeping in the heat isn’t miserable enough, hot temps can contribute to strange dreams. Experts say a too-hot room can disturb sleep patterns, leading to increased brain activity during REM sleep, when dreaming occurs. Overstimulation of the brain during this sleep phase can make dreams more vivid and possibly unpleasant, according to reports. Avoid the scary summer night sweats by making sure your room is between 60-67 degrees, sleeping on cotton sheets, and a cooling mattress, like Nectar.
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7. What side of the bed you sleep on says a lot about you

We all have a preference when it comes to the side of the bed we like, right (or left)? Experts now believe it has something to do with our personalities. According to a recent study, people who sleep on the right side of the bed consider themselves more right-brained and prefer wine instead of beer, rock music, and action movies. Left-siders are more left-brained and tend to enjoy beer instead of wine, oldies music, and drama movies. What if you sleep in the middle of the bed? We’ll look into it.
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8. You Can Fall asleep with Matthew McConaughey

One of the most popular features on the meditation app, Calm, are the “Sleep Stories,” designed to lull you to sleep to stories told by a narrator. But who’s voice do you want to hear? Calm believes it’s McConaughey’s charming southern drawl. That sounds alright, alright, alright to us.
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