Nectar Sleep Mattress

Smart Guys Get A Nectar

By George Starrington

I used to think I was the smartest guy in the room, especially when it came to money. I’d rather spend my dough on happy hours and travel with friends (because memories are priceless) than throw away hundreds of dollars on things that lose value, like furniture and mattresses. In fact, I had the same mattress for 12 years, and I was proud of it.

Friends would ask me, “Bro, how can you stand sleeping on this thing?”

I’d reply with a wry smile, “Easy. I don’t stand—I lie down.”

Boy, was I in for a rude awakening.

It was a sleepless Sunday, and I was hanging out with my buds. We watched an MMA fight the night before and were still jacked up on adrenaline. A little playful shadow-boxing devolved into a full-fledged Jiu-Jitsu takedown session. One bodyslam too many, and boom—it was game over for my 12-year-old bed, including the frame and headboard that just about broke in half. I hated to see them go. It was officially time for me to buy a new bed, and I had no idea where to start.

First, I drove to a few mattress stores and looked through the windows. Thirty minutes in, I lost patience and drove home. I decided to hit up one of my work mentors who’s a business whiz. Sure enough, he had just bought a mattress online from Nectar and couldn’t stop raving about it. He was especially hyped about the 365 night home trial, which was obviously a risk-free hedge. I could get down with that. I checked out Nectar’s website for myself and read some customer reviews. They also sold bed frames and headboards at decent prices, so I could get everything in one shot. I was in.

A little more than a week later, everything was delivered to my door. I couldn’t believe my new mattress was inside of a bag. How is this going to work? I thought. To my surprise, it inflated within minutes, and the frame and headboard were easy to assemble. Later that day, I met my bros for our weekly game of pickup hoops. Knowing that I was about to sleep on a brand new mattress made me play a little harder and probably better. I got home and crashed right away.

The next morning, I woke up feeling like a new man. My body and mind felt rested and refreshed. Then I realized that I slept through the night without getting up. That never happens. I always wake up at least once or twice because I’m either hot or restless. And the memory foam gave me the perfect amount of support in whatever position I twisted my body into. I was ready to crush the day. Who woulda thought sleep was so important?

Today, I’m happy to say that I’m sleeping better than I could’ve ever dreamed. And I know for a fact that spending money on a mattress is worth it. Getting my Nectar even started a domino effect: I replaced a few other sadly out-of-date things in my apartment, like my funky rug and falling-apart dresser. So, yeah, I actually feel like a smart guy who has nice things and got a great deal. I’ll take that, happily.

Whenever you’re ready to smarten up and try a Nectar or read recent reviews.