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Sleeping in on the Weekends is Actually Good for Your Health

Posted By Erin on Sep 2, 2016

Life is full of stress. From your job to car payments, we sometimes focus too much on the things in life that bring us down. These things manifest sometimes as an expensive mattress, lucky for you Nectar has a rent to own mattress to take one of those things off your plate. Want some more good news? Remember a few years ago when sleep scientists said that sleeping in on the weekends may not be beneficial to your health? Well a new study shows that the sleep you catch on Saturdays and Sundays actually could be beneficial to you.

BMI Buzz

A new Cosmo article recently highlighted the study, which showed that people who got more sleep on the weekend had lower BMIs than people who didn’t, even when those people got the same amount of sleep during the week. BMI stands for Body Mass Index, and is a good measurement for overall health. It uses body fat, weight, and height to identify potential health risks in the short and long term. Stress is shown to be a definite factor, but we know one thing that won’t stress you: a reasonable price on a great rent to own mattress from Nectar.

Sleep Catch Up

The South Korean study took over two thousand patients and measured the sleep they were getting as well as other factors (including the previous mentioned BMI, stress levels, etc) to come up with a comprehensive sleep profile. Their results were surprising: Weekend sleep extension may have biological protective effects in preventing sleep-restriction induced or related obesity. The results suggest a simple population-level strategy to minimize effects of sleep loss.   The study recommended that getting a full seven to nine hours a week (as highlighted in previous Nectar blog posts) was optimal, but if that wasn’t an option, that sleep on the weekends actually did lead to some short and long term results. Those results could make the difference between developing sleep related illness (like heart disease, obesity, and hormone deficiency) or not. To us it feels like a no-brainer, kind of like a rent to own mattress from Nectar. The results speak for themselves.   So if you’re looking to save some cash and live for the weekend, this is great news! The money you save on a rent to own mattress will give you the spare change you need to have fun all weekend. That means you can rest easy, knowing that Nectar has your back (and your front, depending on how you sleep). Now get going and catch up on those Z’s!

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