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Sleeping in your Late Twenties vs Early Twenties

So many things seem to be easier in your early twenties than later in the decade. It’s easier to recover after exercising, easier to have drinks on the weekends, and now it seems even easier to get a good night’s rest. While that isn’t great news for us as we age, it’s proven that memory mattresses help out with that process. Nectar has great memory mattresses. Nectar incorporates a fully quilted layer of our gel cooling memory foam to provide extra loft and comfort, with better breathability.

The Science of Sleep

A recent study by Berkeley scientists shows that our brain’s mechanism for recognizing when we need sleep actually changes as we get older. That means as we age we actually have a harder time discerning when we need to sleep. The scientists compared it to a radio antenna that’s weak. The harder it is to get that reception, the less likely you are to fall directly to sleep the minute you lay down on those memory mattresses. The brain’s chemistry changes mean that you could lie awake at night in your late twenties where you might have been able to drift right off earlier in the decade. It may be hard to hear that, but isn’t it at least good to know that you aren’t alone in your newfound insomnia?

Other Factors

As we get older we often move forward in our careers. While this may mean more money and more vacation (hopefully!) it can also mean added stressors. Those stresses can compile and lead to anxiety, a known enemy of good sleep. That dream job could also mean that you’re working longer hours to keep up, which is yet another enemy of good sleep. And again, diet and alcohol can be another culprit. Where your body could easily process excess drinking and eating earlier in your twenties, those mechanisms can slow as we age. Trying to sleep with too much food or alcohol in your system can lead to an uneven sleep — even when on one of our memory mattresses, so it’s important to monitor lifestyle issues as we age. We’ve even addressed this in previous Nectar blogs. If left untreated, these lifestyle choices can lead to longer term issues like hypertension or apnea


The good news is that science is on our side. While lifestyle changes are always the most important tool in combatting any sleep issue, there is also new medicines and treatments on the horizon that could leave you sleeping like a twenty year old. UC Berkeley medical professionals are hard at work on alternative therapies and experiments with room temperature (we prefer our memory mattresses to stay cool). All that means there is hope on the horizon for sleep sufferers. We here at Nectar promise to give you the best bang for your buck so that you can drift off into a beautiful unencumbered sleep.