Sleeping at Work is the Hottest New Trend Sweeping the Marketplace

Posted By Erin on Nov 1, 2017

You know the phrase, “asleep on the job”? Well, we may have to update that to mean something else. A new fad in the workplace has that phrase losing negative connotations. Sure, we may be a couple years away from getting our best comfortable bed next to our desk. But new studies suggest sleeping at work can leave your workforce creative and refreshed.  First, let’s look at the hard stats. Not enough people are spending seven or more hours in their best comfortable bed. Heck, most people aren’t even spending six. The United States is in an official sleep epidemic. There are a lot of reasons for it. Cellphones in bed (which we’ve covered in a previous blog), a longer work day, and always being connected to the office are just a few. That, coupled with the stress of a 24/7 society has lead to a sleep-deprived workforce.  “Until fairly recently, sleep wellness was missing from most wellness programmes.” says Lawrence Epstein, director of the sleep medicine fellowship programme at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. An instructor at Harvard Medical School said in a recent interview.  “More and more, we’re seeing how sleep disorders affect work productivity, health care costs, and workplace accidents. The cost of insomnia in the US is estimated to be over $100bn.”

The Solution: Sleep At Work

So what do we do to combat this epidemic? Well, for many employers it’s meant that they’ve invested in the best comfortable bed they can. They let the employees take breaks when their bodies tell them to. Forward-thinking tech companies like Google, Apple, and others have all taken cues. They’ve designated sleep rooms for their employees to use whenever they want. The results have been great. Not only has there been an increase in productivity while at work, there’s been a decrease in sick days taken and overall health care costs. And while these employees may not always be sleeping on the best comfortable bed (a new phenomenon called “sleep pods” is often the solution in cramped spaces), there are plenty of programs being put in place to emphasize better sleep health at home as well (where presumably they do have a Nectar, which is the most important part of the best comfortable bed). So sleep on, and sleep well, you could be making your company some extra cash in the process!

What Kind of Sleeper Are You

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