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Top 8 Best Sleep Tracking Apps

Getting a good night’s sleep is something that has puzzled humans for ages. While new beds and mattresses can often be a helpful solution, there are top sleep tracking apps that could improve your quality of sleep at night.

Sleep Technology

Sleep technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of tech, with some forecasts estimating that up to 80 billion dollars of market reach could be attainable by 2020. Does this mean that tech companies will be investing in new beds and mattresses? Not likely, but several new sleep aids and analyzers are already on the market for the insomniac in your life.


Beddit is a thin sheet placed on the mattress of your bed. It uses bluetooth technology to connect directly your phone. It can monitor things like heart rate, breathing cycle, snoring, and quality of sleep. While there may be other apps that can do this, Beddit also allows the user to monitor the sleep conditions of the room. In the morning it will break it down your habits using a straightforward and easy to use interface. With that kind of info, it should be super easy to figure out which new beds and mattresses work best for you. Our guess? Nectar.

best sleep tracking apps

Rain Rain

If your problem sleeping goes beyond just tracking data points, maybe Rain Rain is for you. Rain Rain uses high quality audio files to soothe you into a better night’s sleep. While there are many of these types of apps on the market, Rain Rain differentiates itself by the sheer volume of noises it includes. The library on the app has over twenty five hours of new material that ranges from a light rain, to a crackling fire, to even a distant thunderstorm. When paired with new beds and mattresses, this can make sleep easier and life so much better.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle has been around for a while, but it’s a classic. The app uses sleep cycle technology to figure out your own personal schedule, then uses the app to wake you up at the optimal time of sleep. This leaves you feeling well rested, charged, and able to better face the day.

best sleep tracking apps


This app by LED technologies works as an alarm clock and scheduler. It works with you to find your best sleep schedule, then pulls tunes from your library to bring you gently back into the world of the woken. If you have a favorite song, you can use that every time, if you want to randomize it — that works too! This reminds us of Nectar’s adaptive foam mattress technology. Premium adaptive foam is the single best inner layer for contouring a mattress to your pressure points and Nectar is the only premium mattress company that offers this standard!



Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius is listed by NASA as one of their most used health apps. The app tracks your sleeping patterns, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck while in the sack (or if you don’t have a sack, a foam mattress from Nectar). It will figure out your perfect bed time on your foam mattress, and even allows a setting for fifteen minute power naps.


Apart from having the best name of any apps we covered for this, Pzizz is a great idea for an app. It plays restful, soothing music and “relieving sounds” to reduce anxiety and get you to bed quickly. Grabbing Pzizz and coupling it with a foam mattress from Nectar is a powerful combo for you to get to bed quickly and easily. It also has functionality with tracking your sleep schedules and another built in power nap setting. (We are sensing a theme here).

Sleep as Android

Here’s another fun app that plays lullabies, tells stories, and tracks sleep. It is specifically made for Android users, which is another benefit (most of the others are iphone exclusive). You can also play whale noises, chants, or even waterfalls if that’s more your speed. For me? I’m going with the sound of my tired body hitting a foam mattress from Nectar over and over again. That’s the most restful sound to me by far. So what are y’all using for sleep aids? As always, a foam mattress is an important component, but we’re always up for healthy, non-chemical ways to drift off. Remember the healthy body you want starts with the sleep you get. Let Nectar help you get there.

Power Nap

For those just looking to get in a quick bit of shut eye during the day, Sleep Cycle Power Nap could be the way to go. From the same company as Sleep Cycle, this focuses on getting the quick fifteen minute power naps that will keep you going strong during a busy work day.   As always, it’s not quite as good as getting new beds and mattresses, but these apps could put you over the top and get you the rest you so desperately seek.

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