Sleep Position and Personality

What Your Sleep Style Says About Your Personality

You can judge a lot about a person from the way they sleep. No, we don’t just mean snoring or non, there’s all kinds of personality traits revealed while you’re catching some Z’s. From the log, to the migrant snoozer, to even a human alarm clock, every sleeper has a style. Which are you?

The Log

This is the person we all wish we could be when we’re trying to get to bed. The log falls asleep right away, and stays that way until their alarm wakes them up. They typically don’t shift around too much, and enjoy a lot of unbroken REM sleep. These people are often confident, carefree, and maybe a tad egotistical. Their easygoing nature makes for an easy sleeper. Often these people are workout friendly, spending time in the gym, but not worrying too much about having “the best body.” While they are great people, at times they can be less empathetic to others’ situations. If it’s this easy for them to fall asleep, why can’t you do the same? Those feelings don’t come from a place of superiority though, and often times a log will be deeply empathetic when confronted with those issues. They’re great listeners, thanks to a ton of rejuvenative mattress time, which science has proven leads to better empathy and listening skills.

The Migratory Sleeper

Migratory Sleepers like to use the whole bed. Whether by themselves, or with a partner, a migrant sleeper just can’t seem to sleep in one place, often tossing and turning and pulling up the bedsheets. This isn’t necessarily a sign of a restless sleep though, Migratory Sleepers often have strong dream lives, leading to a more creative, spontaneous person. While it can be challenging to sleep in the same bed with a MS, you’ll often enjoy great waking conversations and be drawn to their magnetic personality. Often not chained to an alarm clock, MS’s march to the beat of their own drum.

The Human Alarm Clock

The Human Alarm Clock gets up at the same time every day, and they expect you to as well. Rain or shine, weekend or workday, these people always seem to be up at 7AM, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Often considered “type-A,” Human Alarm Clocks have their stuff together, and expect you to be the same way — don’t plan on sleeping in until 9 or 10 just because you have the day off. This comes from a good place though, as Human Alarm Clocks realize that a good night’s sleep is dependent on consistent start and stop times, which leads to an even production of serotonin, the vital sleep hormone that regulates their diurnal sleep cycle.

The Light Sleeper

Whether it’s a stray noise, or a bad light source, these sleepers abhor any disturbance in their natural sleep environment. Extremely sensitive (in both the good and bad sense of the word), light sleepers can be aided by things like essential oils, white noise machines, and even a fan blowing throughout the night. While they might be sensitive, they often have the coziest bedrooms, and know the importance of good sleep hygiene.

So what type of sleeper are you? No matter what sleeper profile you end up as, remember it’s always super important to have a great mattress, and to reduce the amount of artificial light in your bedroom. From The Log to the Light Sleeper, a full eight hours is always the key to a great, healthy sleep life.

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What Kind of Sleeper Are You

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