The Sleep Schedules of One of America’s Top Billionaires May Surprise You

Posted By Erin on Sep 14, 2016

We all have a picture in our minds of workaholic billionaires: working twenty hours a day and then collapsing for a tiny bit of sleep in the most comfortable bed you can imagine. While this is a fun fantasy (or is it? I definitely need my Zzz’s to feel good), it turns out that a good night’s sleep can be priceless — even to billionaires. Mark Cuban, Dallas Maverick’s owner and general tech guru, recently talked about his sleep schedule on The Global Thrive Podcast. He said that while he used to neglect sleep, he doesn’t think that it’s healthy. “I think entrepreneurs go through a process. When I was all in and I was starting companies, I would dream about work. And literally, I’d wake up and I’d have to do things. It just consumes you,” says Cuban.

The Most Comfortable Bed

While he still admits to some bad habits, like checking email or watching TV before bed (C’mon Mark, haven’t you checked out our blog to know that this stuff is bad for you! It can’t all just be about the most comfortable bed, though that is important.) He says that as he’s gotten older he’s realized the value of a good night’s sleep. “As I kind of graduated to a different facet of my life, I really don’t have a problem disconnecting because there’s nothing that’s so pressing,” Cuban says. Cuban is known as a man with a terrific work ethic, and he’s carrying these skills into his sleep life. Besides probably having the most comfortable bed (Is it a Nectar? We sure hope so, for his sake), he also has started using health apps to track the quality of his sleep. He said that he prefers the app, Fitbit or its microsoft equivalent. Cuban also is a firm believer in exercise, which science has shown can only help your sleep quality. Exercise increases the body’s production of melatonin, which can lead to deeper more restful sleep. Cuban exercises at least an hour a day. That’s something he’s probably picked up from the NBA franchise he owns. Cuban usually gets about six hours of sleep, though he acknowledges that seven is his optimal level. Not only that, he’ll try to fit in a quick power nap during the day whenever he can. We’ve shown it before, but naps can be a totally effective tool in combating sleep deprivation. It’s nice to see Cuban falling in line, and falling into the most comfortable bed we can imagine. Cuban says that he doesn’t feel guilty about getting that much sleep and disconnecting. It still leaves plenty of time to communicate with his partners when he isn’t recharging his body. “If I’m sleeping six, seven hours and working out one hour, there’s another 16 hours that I have access to my phone,” Cuban says.

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