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Why Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Need a Better Sleep Schedule


Did you know a sleep schedule, or bedtime routine, is important for everybody, not just kids and babies? Setting specific times to sleep and wake can help your body find its routine and keep you sailing steady.

World leaders know the importance of running a tight ship and keeping to strict schedules during the day in order to make the most out of their time. But we noticed some classic signs of sleep deprivation in the behaviors of both Trump and Kim Jong Un (crankiness, mood swings, inability to stop Tweeting…), so naturally, we jumped into action.

Our team of scientists thought it’d be a fun experiment to remove the brains of these leaders and give them a Nectar mattress to try out for an entire year along with some tips for setting a sleep schedule. Did it work? See for yourself.

What we suggested in our little sleep experiment included some continual sleep hygiene habits such as setting a strict sleep schedule. Being strict about bedtimes and rise times and maintaining certain habits to make it easier to fall asleep are key to creating a healthy sleeping life. And, as Nectar-pajama-wearing-scientist-man says, “If you like sleep, there’s nothing to think about.”

Better sleep means better brains

What once was shaky ground now blooms budding peace between world leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

The results of our little experiment worked far better than we could have hoped. So much better, in fact, Trump and Un will be meeting in Singapore on June 12th to have a conversation about resolving tensions between the United States and North Korea. We’re not saying that we’re the reason cooler heads have prevailed between, but at Nectar we know that better sleep means better brains, and better brains means more focus and less stress. Not to mention, being deprived of that necessary eight hours of sleep makes you eat more, lowers your sex drive, and makes it more difficult to…you know…run an entire country.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, and the once sleep-deprived brains of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are perfect examples of this. If we can make these two dudes make nice, we can surely improve your sleep and life dramatically. Get a Nectar mattress today risk-free with our 365-night trial and join our mission to Make American Sleep Again!

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