Sleep Myths Debunked

4 Sleep Myths Debunked

Posted By Erin on Nov 18, 2016

Most things that your mom tells you are gospel truth. Don’t stay out late, brush your teeth, look both ways before you cross the street are all good advice. Sometimes though, we pick up on stuff that isn’t so true, like say, that the best mattress is going to cost a ton of money (when we know that Nectar mattresses are super affordable and high quality). There may be no subject more misrepresented than sleep. For years we’ve come up with our own versions of what the best night’s sleep means, but does this hold up under scrutiny? Luckily we here at Nectar not only have created the best mattress on the market, we’ve also created a handy guide to get through what is sleep fact and what is sleep myth. So grab your favorite pillow, a cup of warm tea, and pop up onto your best mattress, here are some slumber myths that we debunked.

We Rest in Unbroken Chains of Sleep

We have an idea that the best sleep is one that is completely uninterrupted, one that we don’t wake up from in between when we go to bed and when we get up in the morning. In actuality, the human body “wakes up” around ten times every night. This is because of a sleep-cycle that started with ancient humans. Scientists theorize that we sleep this way so that we would wake up if predators were looming. Luckily for us predators are a thing of the past and the best mattress is a thing of the present.

It’s Important to Know What Time it is

OK, so we aren’t advocating that you completely turn off your clocks. It turns out that looking at your alarm clock while resting can have a serious effect on your sleep time. Not only do clocks shower us with offensive light, clock watching can also add stress to your sleep routine. Next time, instead of checking to see what time it is, try rolling over and thinking about the comfort of sleeping on the best online mattress you can find, a Nectar of course!

Catching Up on Sleep

This one is still up for debate. We’ve covered in previous Nectar blogs the idea that you can recover from sleep debt by sleeping in on the weekends. While it might be true that you can help yourself somewhat by doing this, the negatives definitely outweigh the positives. Sleeping in messes with your biological clock, gets your hormones out of whack. This can even can lead to too much sleep (which can also be harmful). Instead, try keeping a normal bed time and seeing how you feel. We guarantee you’ll feel the difference.

The Best Mattress Has to Cost The Most

This one is easy to debunk. Just take a Nectar mattress: we use the latest in tencel cooling technology to increase airflow, keep you cool, and minimize dust without making you pay thousands of dollars for a mattress. Nectar mattresses are well made, employee owned, and have a super easy shipping and return policy. If you don’t believe us, try it. You (and your mom) will be so glad you did.

What Kind of Sleeper Are You

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