Getting More Sleep Will Improve Your Work and Home Life

Posted By Erin on Oct 1, 2017

Foam for mattresses

The more we learn about sleep, the more we learn that it is an absolutely integral part of our overall health, both mentally and physically. There is almost nothing more damaging you can do to your body than to chronically get less than the seven hours of sleep recommended to you. That’s why we at Nectar have pledged to make the best bed around with foam for mattresses. Lack of sleep is linked to all kinds of diseases, be it heart disease, alzheimer’s, or even hypertension.

It’s the effect on our mental state though that is the next phase of what sleep scientists need to figure out, and the results (like Nectar’s foam for mattresses) is astounding! A new study, commissioned by the American Neurological Association studied the effects of sleep on decision making. It took two groups of 18-28 year olds. In the first group they only allowed each member to sleep five hours a week. In the second they slept for the fully recommended eight hours. Twice daily they were given a decision. It was to either take a small amount of money up front, or gamble with the option to win bigger.

As the days with sleep deprivation added up, the decision making of the first group got worse and worse. Initially it was undetectable, but by the end almost every single participant in the first group had gambled and lost their money. One decision that is the safest bet you can make is on the foam for mattresses from Nectar. We use four different kinds of memory foam to give you comfort and support, and at a fraction of the price of most memory foam mattresses.

Perception is Reality

It wasn’t just about decision making for this study, but also how the subjects viewed their decision making. It turned out that subjects who got less sleep didn’t see the inherent risk in their actions. They believed they were making a sound decision in the moment. This means that people who get more sleep are more likely to understand the consequences of their actions than their less well-slept counterparts.

It’s important to have great decision makers be well rested then, on the job or outside of it. Your good decision making starts with a Nectar mattress. No other direct to consumer bed company builds Hi Core Adaptive foam into their mattress because most Hi Core memory foam is heavy and expensive to ship. Our premium adaptive foam is the single best inner layer for contouring a mattress to your pressure points. That means you’ll sleep better AND longer. And as far as decisions go, our foam for mattresses seems like a real no-brainer. Try one for yourself and feel the difference.

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