The Sleep Diet – a Natural and Easy Way to Become Your Best Self

Posted By Erin on Sep 25, 2017

There are so many diet fads out there. Paleo, South Beach, the list goes on and on. Too often these solutions rely on a lifestyle change.  And these changes can’t be kept up by people who are just desperately trying to live their best lives. Sometimes though, the answer can be found where you least expect it: new beds and mattresses. That’s right, it turns out that sleep is a huge component of keeping your body a fat burning.

A new study in the Lancet shows that sleep is crucial for metabolic function and hormone production and stability. Hormones and metabolism play such an important role in your overall health. They can affect everything from diabetes prevention to decreasing your heart disease risk. The study showed that when patients had less than a full night’s sleep, the production of stress hormones increased, and the patient’s metabolism became erratic.

How Sleep Affects Fat Storage

Sleep doesn’t just affect your hormones. When your energy level is down you’ll actually be contributing to the problem. If you don’t sleep much, you’re going to be more tired, that makes sense, right? Your mind gets stressed and sends signals to your body to put on weight. The weight, from your mind’s perspective, is there to serve as a reservoir of energy. When you feel tired, your physical self goes into storage mode, which slows the metabolism and wreaks havoc on your body.

When you sleep, it allows your body to have more energy, thus freeing it up to burn more fat and speed the metabolism. A full eight hours with new beds and mattresses (we recommend a Nectar) can leave you feeling totally energized and ready for the day — and breakfast!

What do I do?

The answer is simple: just sleep. Sleep your full eight hours and do it every night. If you’re feeling like your mattress is part of the problem, then try Nectar’s new beds and mattresses, which are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed. Make sure that you set a bedtime and stick to it. Remember that self-care is so important, and will lead to fewer cravings and poor snacking habits. These are things that we’ve covered in previous Nectar blogs, but if you’re curious, comb through the archives to see how a lack of sleep can even affect what you crave when you eat. So yeah, the perfect piece of dieting equipment could be just hanging out in your bedroom right now. So grab a couple pillows, skip the midnight snack, and get ready to feel great, because a healthy lifestyle is just a couple of winks away. Happy sleeping!

What Kind of Sleeper Are You

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