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Sleep Deprivation and You: How to Get to Sleep With a Better Mattress

It’s no big surprise that a good night’s sleep can leave you energized and able to face the day, but did you know that not getting one could actually be costing you money? No, It’s not that a mattresses price is hurting the economy, ha ha, (but if you could use help finding an affordable great mattress, try here and find a Nectar mattress which are cheap and affordable mattresses).

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A new study by the Rand corporation showed that a poor night’s sleep had led to up to 411 BILLION dollars in losses from loss of employee productivity. The study showed that American’s are in the midst of a public health crisis — up to a third of the US workforce suffers from lack of sleep. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any sleep from Nectar’s mattress price, not only are they employee owned, they are totally affordable mattresses. There are many reasons for our current sleep epidemic, but some of the more prominent examples (as found by the Rand corporation) include psychosocial stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of physical activity and “excessive electronic media use”. These factors can lead to a poor night’s sleep which will lead to a decrease in productivity at work. Affordable mattresses give you a lot more than just more money in the bank and better sleep. They give you your vitality and productivity.  According to an NBC news report, sleep deprivation does a lot of damage during the workday. “Sleep-deprived individuals have reaction times about 50 percent slower than their well-rested counterparts, and are more likely to make mistakes on simple tasks.” So people are yawning in the office, it’s not only hurting the bottom line, but moral as well. When faced with 411 billion dollar loses, mattresses pricing seems like a small comparison.

So What Can We Do to Combat This Epidemic?

See some of our other blog posts for more examples, but here are some ideas that the experts have come up with.

  • Invest in a better mattress (like dare we say, a Nectar mattress?)
  • Schedule your sleep (get up at the same time every day)
  • Eliminate stress
  • Exercise more
  • Don’t eat before bed
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Meditate

With these tools, hopefully we can combat the sleep epidemic facing our workforce. Remember that a Nectar Mattresses’ price is one way to reduce the stress of finding a great deal on a premium bed. While it may not solve all your problems, we are happy to take one thing off your plate for you. So go do your civic duty and get a full eight hours! Our economy could depend on it.