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Sleep Cool – Proven Sleep Hacks On How To Sleep Cooler

Sleep Cool – Summer is awesome for a ton of reasons, beaches, BBQs, and parties with friends. And while we may have reached the end of summer, there may be one last vestige of it that’s bumming you out — when it’s too hot to sleep.

We’ve all been there, sweating through our sheets, tossing and turning with no relief in sight. So what are the best ways to sleep when it’s hotter than a pepper sprout? We’ve got you covered from the high tech to the traditional.

Here are the best ways to sleep so that you’ll stay energized and rested all summer long.


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How Do You Cool Down?

You’ve got to learn how to get cool before you learn the best ways to sleep when it’s hot. You can’t have one without the other. This isn’t just an opinion, it’s science.

A recent study shows that a cooler room and lower core temperature are essential for creating a good sleep environment [1].

This is because the body’s processes are regulated by your brain, and when you get cooler it signals your brain that it’s time to go to bed.

Not only does a higher body temperature put your sleep clock out of sync, it also causes some major discomfort.

Being sweaty in the sheets? Yuck.

We’re going to focus on some simple, non-AC-unit steps that can be effective in cooling you from the moment your head hit the pillow.​


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Sleep Cool - Find a Breathable Cooling Pillow That Works For You

Speaking of pillows, you’re going to want to find a good one. While that plush, super smushy pillow might feel nice around your head, it could be trapping hot air, making for a higher core temperature of your body.

One of the best ways to sleep is to change your pillow if you’re sleeping hot. A firmer pillow encourages better air circulation and can help dissipate some of the heat coming from your body — rather than amplifying it by trapping heat next to your head.

Newer foam pillows work well to provide good air circulation without losing any neck support. If you’re feeling hot headed when you tuck yourself in for the night, maybe a new pillow will give you the relief you crave.


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Go Cotton For A Breathable, Lightweight Sheet Option

There’s a reason that cotton has been so popular since ancient times — it’s comfortable, soft, and above all else breathable.

Breathable fabric isn’t just a sales point, it’s all about how well moisture can escape from against your body.

Sweat is produced because once it comes in contact with air, it helps cool you down.If that sweat is trapped against your skin, it can actually exacerbate the problem.

To prevent this, go with an especially lightweight cotton (Egyptian is the best).It’s immediately easier to figure out ways to sleep when you’re using the right materials to start with.


Use A Damp Sheet Or Towel When Nights Are Really Tough

This is known as the “Egyptian method” and it has its roots in ancient Egypt when a hot summer night was the norm. Dampen a sheet or tool with cool water and use it as a base for you to sleep on.

It doesn’t have to be soaked, a nice spritz with a spray bottle can be one of the best ways to sleep when the air is especially humid and hot.

Try to avoid soaking your mattress, so putting a dry towel in between the damp sheet and your bed is a good way to avoid this problem.


Experiment With Fan Placement

Most people know that positioning a fan to blow hot air out of a room is one of the best ways to sleep when it’s hot, but did you know you can experiment in other ways?

Creating cross-breezes with multiple fans and windows can create air corridors that will keep you cool even on the most sweltering nights.

Experiment nightly to see which fan placements work for you until you find the perfect configuration.


Cool Off With A Cold Shower First

A cold shower can bring your core body temperature down and rinse off the sweat from earlier in the day, which will help you feel cooler and cleaner when it’s time to sleep.

This refreshing tip for the best ways to sleep works more efficiently if you don’t sleep under a ton of blankets, letting the cool water evaporate from your skin naturally.

This will allow you crucial minutes of comfort early on when you’re trying to fall asleep — which can be enough to lull you before you dry off completely.


The Best Way To Sleep Is To Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

This might sound nutty, but one of the best ways to sleep is to make sure that you’re getting enough water.

You sweat and move around while you sleep at night, which can lead to dehydration, which can lead to waking up, which can lead to not being able to fall back asleep.If you’re waking up with dry mouth, it can be a symbol that your body isn’t getting enough water.

To combat this, drink an eight-ounce glass of H2O. More than that and you risk having to get up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break.

We Believe, You Deserve Better

As always, the best way to sleep is with a mattress that stays cool. Nectar mattresses utilize memory gel, which helps dissipate heat from your body and prevents bedroom temperatures from becoming uncomfortable.

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