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Sleep is Better When You Do it Together in the Most Comfortable Bed

Posted By Erin on Feb 28, 2017

Sometimes the first night staying over at a new partner’s place can be totally hectic. This is true even in the most comfortable bed. Yes, there’s the obvious stuff to worry about. But even apart from the romantic angles, it can sometimes be really hard to fall asleep in someone else’s bedroom. Your mind can leap forward to a life of insomnia after just one night of uneven sleeping. Well, there’s good news for all you coupled up sleepers out there: it gets better with time.

Sleeping with another person is a skill that can take some time to develop. This is because the body is so finely tuned to sleeping environments. This makes going to a new place, dealing with new temperatures, sounds, and smells hard to adjust to.

“Sleep is very sensitive to the individual’s environment,” Scott Hollingshaus, MD, clinical instructor of sleep medicine at the University of Utah’s Sleep Wake Center said recently in a Refinery29 interview. “Each person is acclimated to their individual room’s environment, which includes the lighting, noise, bed, and temperature.”

After a few weeks the body should acclimate to having another person in bed with you, making the physical aspects much more agreeable, especially if one of you has the most comfortable bed from Nectar. Once this happens, then the benefits of sleeping partners really start to show themselves.

Emotionally Satisfying

Sleeping with someone else can promote feelings of safety and security, which can often lead to better sleep. A recent study showed that couples who slept together often felt that the sleep they were getting was deeper and more satisfying. Also, it’s worth noting that across the board couples felt this way. Additionally, couples who slept together often slept in later than they would if they were sleeping apart. This gives them more time on the most comfortable bed, and increasing sleep averages each partner.

Pick the Time and Place

While sleeping together as a couple is great and can lead to the aforementioned health benefits, sleep experts recommend picking your spots. If you’re a parent, you may often find your kids hopping into your bed at night when they’re scared of the dark. While this can be OK every once in awhile, it’s recommended to not make it an everyday habit. Apart from the dangers of sleeping with newborns, it’s often good to allow kids to find their own best sleep arrangements. It promotes independence and can lead to better, healthier sleep habits.

Whether you’re sleeping by yourself or with a couple, we can agree that Nectar mattresses make the most comfortable beds. Don’t believe us? Check out Nectar’s website and try one for yourself. Your sleep partner is going to thank you.

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