How to Sleep Better During Hot Summer Nights

How to Sleep Better During Hot Summer Nights

As we start to get further into the summer, the heat goes up and with it the anxiety that we might not find a good night’s sleep at the end of a long day. Nectar has a good foam mattress for you, which is always a good place to start, but here are some other tips to keep yourself cool, calm, and comfortable even in the middle of a heatwave. These are time tested, cost effective, and simple, just like a good foam mattress from Nectar.

Try Going with Cotton Pajamas

It can be a little pricier, but cotton breathes so well. This can be really important at night when humidity is high, and sticky sheets can be at their worst. Cotton allows your skin to release the sweat that would otherwise be pooling on your skin. This lets the air cool and evaporate it, leading to a  lower overall body temperature and a better night’s sleep for everyone concerned. Plus, you won’t leave your good foam mattress.

Cool Your Curtains

While this might sound like a fun phrase like “chill out” to say to someone, it’s actually an old technique that involves lightly misting your curtains with a spray bottle and then leaving your windows open. This allows evening air to cool even further, making a soothing draft that can lower your bedroom by vital degrees. This has been around since the victorian era, and is still a better (for the environment and for your wallet) version of a wall mounted air conditioner.

  • Thankfully good foam mattress technology has come a long way from victorian times. Try looking at Nectar’s blog for more about how our foam mattress design is created using the top science. 

Turn off Those Electrical Devices

It’s been shown that outlet devices can actually be a surprising heat source, especially in smaller bedrooms. Try turning off and unplugging any unneeded electronics to help with the heat. Not only will it help with the temperature, it will also eliminate unwanted light (something we’ve addressed in other blog posts as yet another source of sleep troubles.) Additionally, you’ll save some cash by not using energy when you don’t need it! Plus you’re helping the environment. A clean conscience always equals a better night’s sleep.

Be the Lone Wolf

It may feel like you’re betraying your partner, but probably the biggest heat source in your bedroom is coming from the person next to you. I’m not saying that you need to ditch your partner, but if the review on mattresses in your house is saying that it’s too hot, maybe you both need to chill in other rooms, literally. Sleeping solo in a bed not only lowers the overall room temperature, it reduces the residual heat that you’re getting from throughout the rest of the day. Something to think about if you’re still sweltering with no relief in sight. 

Chill Your Sheets

This may sound a little goofy, but putting your sheets in the refrigerator (or the freezer if you’re really adventurous) can give you enough of a head start on sleeping that you can drift off before the bed heats up too much. Obviously this is a temporary solution, but it sort of takes the idea of the cold side of the pillow to the next level. Don’t worry, with our review on Nectar mattresses saying that they’re sturdy and well made, you won’t have to worry about temperature change being a big factor there. 

Plan Ahead and Close the Curtains

Sometimes the biggest step you can take to keep your room cool is the preventative one. The sun’s rays are the biggest culprit in turning a room into a sweat box. You can limit the damage it is doing by closing your shades early in the morning. It can drastically reduce the temperature by the evening, up to ten degrees. If, by then, it’s cooled down, open your windows and bring in the draft of evening air. 

Rinse Your Wrists

It may sound silly, but running cold water over your hands, wrists, and feet can lead to a cooler body temperature. This is another temporary solution, but often a temporary fix is all you need to get your sleep started. This is a healthy, easy way to alter your body just enough so that you can truly enjoy the start of your sleep. Often that’s enough to keep you going for the evening — your core temperature drops when you’re asleep. 

Ice the Rice

If you take a sock, some rice, and put them in the freezer all day, you’ll have a no muss, no fuss, and most importantly no drip ice pack to use in your bed mattresses without fear that you’ll make a mess. No one wants to wake up in a sweaty puddle in the middle of the night. Just make sure that you tie the top of the sock off, or you’ll be swimming in cold rice for the foreseeable future. This ingenious method to keep cool also has the added benefit of being completely reusable and eco friendly. The earth will thank you!

Heat Rises

Most people remember this basic fact from grade school, but forget the application when it comes to a good night’s sleep on their favorite bed mattresses. Try putting your mattress on the floor on especially hot nights, there can be a surprising temperature difference even within the same room with just a few feet of change. The lower you can get, the cooler the sleep. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, try moving your mattress to a lower floor or even the basement. It might feel a little awkward at first, but you’ll quickly learn that a good night’s sleep is easier when your core temperature drops down to comfortable levels. 

Drinking the Right Stuff

We’ve highlighted in previous blogs how drinking before bed can be a no-no, leading to sleep apnea, uneven REM cycles, and overall health problems, so try to curb your consumption to a few hours before you slip into bed. Not only that, it’s always a good idea to hydrate, so keeping a cool glass of water by your bed can help out with lowering your temperature temporarily by taking frequent sips whenever you wake up. It’s a no brainer, but who wants to think hard when you’re trying to sleep? It’s all about the rest.

Purchase a Cool Mattress

Maybe the biggest component is the right mattress. Nectar mattresses use a Tencel cooling cover to promote air circulation. This keeps you cooler all through the night and helps control the temperature of the room. It’s a no-brainer for people desperate to keep cool in the dog days of summer. So there you have the first couple ideas for how to save some cash, cool down, and most importantly get a good night’s rest — even during the dog days of summer. Stay tuned for future blog posts about other ways you can combat insomnia, and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us. Remember that your sleep is vitally important to your overall help. We’re all in this together, and Nectar is there to help you with all your slumber related inquiries. Sleep well, sleep tight!

Sleeping during summer can be a task in itself. You can use cotton pajamas to prevent sweat build up. You can also mist your curtains with a spray bottle. To know more, visit Nectarsleep.