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How Your Sleep and Your Mattress Affect Your Relationships

Posted By Erin on Oct 29, 2017

Being in a good relationship takes work. You need to be a good listener, supportive of your partner’s endeavors, and make time at the end of every day to be present and aware. It turns out maybe the best investment you can make for a longterm relationship is buying a comfortable foam mattress.  As you can guess, sleep turns out to be a huge factor in a relationship’s success, and the more you get, the better it is for the two of you. This isn’t just conventional wisdom, new science bares this out.

Why Buy Good Foam Mattresses

First off, let’s get the facts. Up to a third of all people don’t get the required seven to nine hours of sleep needed each night. A study of 43 couples by Ohio State University found that those who slept less than seven hours a night were much more likely to argue in a unconstructive, negative way. However, if just one partner had enough sleep on foam mattresses, the fights were much more likely to be constructive and end with some sort of reconciliation. These sleep scientists focused on the idea of inflammation and how that affects our brains during times of trouble and fighting. “This is the first study to show the synergistic effects of short sleep and conflict for inflammation,” said lead author, Dr Stephanie J Wilson of Ohio State University. Couples who got the correct amount of sleep could see their partner’s side in an argument more often. Yes, some of this can be chocked up to personality type, but the evidence strongly suggests that this is more than coincidence. More sleep on foam mattresses equals a better relationship.

Foam Mattresses Equal a Better Relationship

This is because sleep is strongly associated with the part of the brain that deals with social interaction, problem solving, and empathy. When we short change these processes, the brain can’t help but react. So what can you do to make sure that you and your partner are each getting a good night sleep? Well, it obviously starts with good foam mattresses, but it also requires patience. Sometimes getting to know a person’s sleep schedule takes a little time. Try figuring out the time that works best for your partner and you and then focus on getting to bed at that time every night. It’s also super important to keep lines of communication open. Does your partner snore? It’s best to tell them and not suffer in silence. There are plenty of options for sleep apnea. There are masks, treatments, and even sleep positions. Remember that it’s always important to treat these issues with respect and dignity. Snoring could be hurting them just as much as it hurts you. Finally, look at your sleep positions and what they say about your relationship. In a previous Nectar blog, we looked at how sleeping positions can say secret things about your relationship. So snuggle up with your loved one on your favorite foam mattresses, and let sleep do it’s job. You and your partner will feel the love!

What Kind of Sleeper Are You

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