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A Sense of Purpose Could Help You Get to Sleep Even Faster with a Nectar Rent To Own Mattress

Posted By Erin on Dec 16, 2016

A new sleep study by Northwestern University just showed up. It says that participants having a strong reason to get up in the morning also had better sleep. This confirms what we already know. A well groomed mind is just as important as a great rent to own mattress. While we have you covered on the mattress front, we also thought we would shed some light on ways you can keep that sense of calm in the evening.  And in case there are doubts here, there is science to back up this claim. Jessica Ong, the lead researcher, stated that, “People who felt their lives had most meaning were less likely to have sleep apnea, a disorder that makes the breathing shallow or occasionally stop, or restless leg syndrome, a condition that compels people to move their legs and which is often worse at night.” So here’s a list of things you can do to combat that feeling. You can also take peace of mind in the fact that Nectar offers a great, affordable, rent to own mattress that will minimize that stressor in your life. Now that this is off your plate, let’s move on to the mental wellness part of the plan.

List Your Accomplishments

Often times we get bogged down at night thinking of things that we need to do the next day. This can be inevitable. And especially because the evening is the time when you do a lot of planning. It’s important to take a step away and look backward. Listing off accomplishments is a great way to calm yourself and give an added self esteem boost when drifting off to sleep. These don’t have to be big items of triumph. Going to the grocery store counts! If you can see how you checked off some boxes (say, like getting a great rent to own mattress from Nectar) it can often put life in perspective and give you the added motivation you need to face the day tomorrow.

Lavender Diffusers Can Soothe The Mind

It’s scientifically proven that lavender smell both reassures and relaxes us in times of stress. Try lighting a scented candle before bed (but remember to blow it out before you sleep), or getting a diffuser to fill the room with calming smells. You can also lightly drop (and I emphasize lightly here) lavender oils on your pillows for maximum effect. This should relax you and put you in a place of centeredness as you fall asleep.

Come in With a Plan for Tomorrow 

Often times worries can be allayed if we know that there’s a plan in place for the next day. If you often feel stressed or rushed before bed, take a half hour to quickly jot down your goals for the next day. Having this system in place allows your brain time to relax and reflect, putting it in a wonderful spot of contemplation as you drift off to sleep.

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