Ways to Help you Sleep

Secrets for a Great Night’s Sleep From a Harvard Sleep Scientist

Here’s the scenario: you get ready for bed, put on your pajamas, crawl into bed on one of the super comfy Nectar bed mattresses, and then… nothing. You lie there awake, alert, and upset that you aren’t getting the rest you need. Don’t worry, this isn’t just you. We all go through times of restlessness and sleep deprivation – yes even those of us with Nectar bed mattresses – but don’t let it get you down. A recent Business Insider interview with Harvard Sleep scientist, Patrick Fuller, revealed what he does when he also can’t catch shut eye. Take it from an expert, these tips will get you nodding off before you know it. So jump up on your Nectar bed mattresses and get hip to new sleep.

Consistency is Key

Whether you’re practicing for a marathon, writing a novel, or hitting your goal for sleep hours, one rule is most important: do it every day. A consistent schedule will let your body know when you need to sleep. Waking up at the same time builds your “sleep drive” a term that Fuller coined to describe the body’s natural sleep cycle. It’s important not to go to bed late on the weekends if you have to get up early during the week “When people get up later and later, they have less sleep drive and they think, I can’t sleep I have insomnia,” Fuller said. “Well, no, actually your sleep drive isn’t that high.”

Skip the Afternoon Coffee

It can be so tempting to grab that second (or third, or fourth, we aren’t judging) cup of coffee to get you through the last part of the workday, but Fuller explains that this can have a  huge effect on your sleep — even if you won’t get into your bed mattresses until hours later. Caffeine has a six hour half life, so that cup of coffee you drink at four can keep you up until eleven or later! Fuller recommends trying to mix in green tea over coffee, as the caffeine intake is much, much less. Additionally, never drink it in the afternoon. Try to keep it before eleven. “I love the smell of coffee, it just has too much caffeine for me,” said Fuller. “I just prefer tea.”

Any Exercise is Good Exercise

Obviously we know that exercise prevents heart disease, reduces stress, and helps shed unwanted pounds, but it can also have a magic-like effect on your bed time. Don’t worry, Fuller doesn’t mean you need to run twenty miles or play a ton of pickup basketball — even a thirty minute walk can lead to better results in the evening. Fuller cautions against exercising too late though, your body needs significant time to cool down so that it can receive optimum rest. So there you have it, secret sleep tips straight from bed mattresses experts in the ivy league. Avoid the coffee, set up a schedule, have a run, fall onto your Nectar mattress and relax. That gel memory foam means it’s going to be a great night. See you in dream land!