Watch Summer Shows on The Best Affordable Mattress

Watch Summer Shows on The Best Affordable Mattress

The secret is out: not only are Nectar mattresses well made by an employee owned company, they are inexpensive. Mattress technology has come a long way, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. So what do you do with the extra cash and time? Maybe catch up on some great streaming content. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recently said that it is OK to binge watch your favorite show before bed if you do it responsibly. While typically we would recommend that you don’t use your sleep time for stuff other than sleep, when you’re saving money on cheap bed mattresses, it seems like a no brainer to celebrate with some of your favorite shows. Here are some that have caught our fancy:

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack is experiencing a renaissance thanks to creator Genndy Tartakovsky’s revival after decade long hiatus. The series follows the titular Jack as he falls through time battling the evil forces of Aku. Samurai Jack is not your typical animated show, as Tartakovsky’s signature art is given full front and center treatment. The beautiful visuals may give you strange dreams before bed, but who doesn’t love a good epic yarn? An added bonus: it won’t cost you any money to watch the series as it is being streamed for free on the adultswim website the entire summer. Go! Have an adventure on your cheap bed’s mattress!

American Experience

A long running documentary series on PBS that focuses on what makes up the, uh, American experience. While it’s been around since 1988, the series has really up its production value in recent years and has covered some topics that seem very relevant to current events. Try the Watergate, summer of love, or war of the worlds episodes for new and old takes on government, music, and viral marketing. This series does a great job of giving you an overview and feel of the times without becoming bogged down or stale like so many other documentary series. And again, as an added bonus, most episodes are available free on the PBS website. Not too shabby, and a lot of bang for not much buck — just like that Nectar cheap bed mattress. Netflix Comedy Specials We are currently living through a renaissance of stand up comedy, fueled by Netflix. The streaming service has promised a new full length stand up special every weekend for a full year. That’s fifty two specials to be enjoyed from your new Nectar mattress. That’s like having a comedy club within arm’s reach of your new cheap bed mattress. Some of the A-list comedians that have specials out already are Dave Chapelle, Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan and with new material fast approaching from Bill Burr, Jerry Seinfeld, and Hashan Minaj we are promised to not run out of laughs any time soon. So there you go, live, laugh, and enjoy your Nectar Mattress. Let us know your favorites, too!