Rested Runners Run Better

Posted By Erin on Oct 10, 2016

The best way to our healthiest body is through a combination of diet, exercise, and sleep. Running is a great way to balance these lifestyle choices. Not only does running make you feel good (and perhaps shed some unwanted pounds), it often leads to a better diet and a more intricate knowledge of how your body works. Here’s the thing: this process of running your best starts well before you put your foot on the pavement. It starts on your best comfy mattress. We all know that getting a full seven or eight hours on our best comfy mattress will put us in a good mood and make us more attentive — but did you know that it is also can help your body in recovery, performance, and becoming less injury prone? A recent article by heralded sports and recreation reporter, Harold Fish, shed a light on some of the best reasons to sleep well on your Nectar before you run that half marathon.

Maximizes Muscle Repair

Sleep is when the body allows itself to mend and repair. The nighttime is when your body produces the majority of its rejuvenating hormones. Your body needs all of that time to be able to recover from the pounding your legs take after a run. Not only that, but it rejuvenates your brain, allowing you to retain routes better, memorizing the trails that will get you optimum results.

Fluids and Electrolytes Work Better

Your time sleeping is when your kidneys do their most work, balancing sodium, water, and electrolytes. If you don’t give yourself proper time on your best comfy mattress at night, you may wake up in the morning feeling like you aren’t properly hydrated. As runners know, dehydration is the enemy. Track how you feel and your *ahem* urine coloration to know if you need to switch your schedule up. Water is key, but so is best comfy mattress time. Don’t neglect either!

Growth vs Stress

When your body rests the night after a run, it releases an increased amount of human growth hormone, a naturally occurring hormone that develops muscle, aids in recovery, and can even strengthen bone. The more sleep you get, the more HGH seems to develop. Conversely, a small amount of sleep not only decreases the amount of HGH your system receives, but it also increases the hormone cortisol — which is linked to stress and injury. As you can see, it’s so important to keep your body well rested. And no mattress does it better than Nectar. Its firm foam supports a runner’s body. It allows it to mend totally and completely. Its tencel cooling cover keeps body temperatures regulated and consistent. This allows for an unbroken night’s sleep. It turns out this best comfy mattress is a runner’s best friend. So go out and give one a try, it might mean your best mile yet.

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