Random Sleep Facts: Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep

#RealSleepScience – You sleep every day (hopefully!). And for that reason alone, we think you should know a little more about it. Plus, random facts are fun — and if you ever end up on a game show, you’ll have the sleep category questions nailed. 

A Fix For Forgetfulness​

Random Sleep Fact: Sleep Can Make You Less forgetful

Sleeping is actually good for your memory. If you find yourself forgetting important dates or memories, it may be that you haven’t been sleeping well lately. According to tests, those who were sleep deprived scored lower with regards to memory hence the need of having a good night’s rest. Source


For Your Next Dog Trivia Game

Random Sleep Fact: English Bulldogs Get Sleep Apnea

Did you know that English Bulldogs are the only dogs that experience sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a type of breathing disorder when our breathing hitches because of severe snoring. One reason why this breed experiences this breathing problem is because of its short snout and prominent underbite Source


Watching your waistline

Random Sleep Fact: Lack of Sleep Can Make You Hangry (Finally, there's Proof)

Lack of sleep and weight gain are often linked together because the leptin levels in your body drop. Leptin is a hormone that regulates your appetite which means that when your leptin levels are low, you are prone to hunger which can cause you to eat more than is necessary just to help fuel your body through the day. Source


The Sleep Crankiness Connection​

Random Sleep Fact: Lack of Sleep Has the Opposite Effect On Kids And Adults

Adults who missed out on their much-needed sleep often feel sluggish the next day. Children, on the other hand, become hyperactive when they don’t sleep well at night. Source


Bedtime Tip For Parents

Random Sleep Fact: Kids Should Go To Bed Before 9pm

Children often sleep faster and can stay in bed longer when they go to before 9 in the evening. This may be a good tip for parents who want to make their children sleep longer for their growth. Source


A Blind Fact​

Random Sleep Fact: Some blind People Can See In Their Sleep

Those who were born without eyesight are said to dream about things that involve sound, emotion, and even smell rather than sight. Some can still see in their dreams, but this depends mostly on when they lost their eyesight. Individuals who were already born without eyesight don’t have any visuals to rely on.  Source


Sleepwalking Kids Are Coming

Random Sleep Fact: Kids Are More Likely to Sleepwalk Than Adults

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 15% of the world’s population are sleepwalkers. Although this is said to occur more often in children between the ages of 3 and 7, adults can also experience this, especially when they are sleep deprived, taking certain medications, or using sedative agents. Source


Dream In Black And White

Random Sleep Fact: Before Color TV, Most People Dreamt in black and white

Researchers believe that about 12% of our population dreams completely in black and white. One study shows that those who were dreaming before colored TV sets came to be dreamt in black in white, with only 15% having dreams with color. Further, black and white dreams often occur in the elderly. Source


Sleep Beats Food​

Random Sleep Fact: Lack of Sleep Can Kill You Faster Than Starvation

When compared to experiencing a lack of food, sleep deprivation can actually kill you faster. Sleep deprivation not only affects your productivity, but your emotional, physical, and mental state too. This is one of the reasons why sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture, which is not surprising given that even a few days of lack of sleep can do you a lot of harm. Source


Journal your dreams

Random Sleep Fact: you dream 4-6 times every night (even though you hardly ever remember them)

We dream about 4 to 6 times every night, but it’s hard for us to recall all that happened in our dreams the following day. If you wish to recall what happened in your dreams, place a sleep journal by your bedside, so you can write down everything that you can recall upon waking. Source


The afternoon slump explained

Random Sleep Fact: The afternoon slump Is Part of Your Sleep-Wake Cycle

There are two phases in our day when we feel sleepy and these are 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. This is quite natural based on our body’s circadian rhythm. If you find yourself nodding off after lunch, this is your sleep-wake cycle working.  Source


How Work Hours Affect Sleep

Random Sleep Fact: People Who Stay Awake All Night Working Night Shifts May Have Higher Disease Risk

The International Classifications of Sleep Disorders stated that those who are working night shifts are at a higher chance of getting chronic illnesses like gastrointestinal problems as well as cardiovascular diseases.  Source


How Babies Affect Dads​

Random Sleep Fact: babies can make men lose more sleep than women

Research shows that men’s sleep is more affected when there is a newborn baby at home compared to women. One study followed several couples during the first few months of having a baby. Although most studies focused on the mother, this one also covered the effects on fathers. Both parties wore wrist trackers, and although it shows that women tend to wake up more, the men had less sleep overall. Source


The blanket you need

Random Sleep Fact: A Weighted blanket May Help with insomnia

Sleeping with a weighted blanket has been found to improve one’s sleep at night and has provided patients with insomnia and anxiety some relief as well. Source


A case for earlier bedtimes

Random Sleep Fact: It Should Take You At Least 10 Minutes to Fall Asleep

If you find yourself falling asleep in just 5 minutes after going to bed, then you are overtired. The average person takes 10 to 15 minutes before completely falling asleep. Source


Sleep deprivation symptoms

Random Sleep Fact: Symptoms of Sleep deprivation Occur After 17 Hours Of Being Awake

It only takes you 17 hours straight without sleep to experience the effects of sleep deprivation. Symptoms that may appear are somewhat similar to when you have consumed alcohol. Brain fogginess, dizziness, and slurred speech are just a few symptoms that can crop up.  Source


Surfing Sleep Stages​

Random Sleep Fact: Sleep Stages Aren't Linear (You Kind of jump Around)

There are several stages of sleep that we go through every night, but this doesn’t mean that we move from the first stage of NREM to the second stage and so on, until we reach REM. We tend to jump between stages back and forth throughout the duration of your sleep.  Source


Babies cause this many hours of sleep loss

Random Sleep Fact: Babies can Steal 44 Days Worth of Sleep From Their Parents

Babies can steal about 44 days (or 1,055 hours) of sleep from their parents during their first year of life. This data was collated by Medical Daily. An average of 44 days of sleep were lost in parents of newborns because they need to take care of their new addition to the family. Source


World record for longest time without sleep

Random Sleep Fact: The Longest Someone went without sleep was 11 days

Randy Gardner was able to stay awake for 11 days back in 1964. He suffered from sleep deprivation and exhaustion afterwards. This is not recommended as keeping yourself awake for days can lead to more health complications. Source


The power of choice

Random Sleep Fact: humans are the only mammals who can deny themselves of sleep

Humans are the only ones on this planet who can say no to sleep compared to other mammals. This is why, we are able to stay up late at night for binge watching.  Source


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