Most Quiet States for Sleeping

Most Quiet States for Sleeping

Posted By Erin on Nov 27, 2016

Every year the Center for Disease Control comes out with an annual breakdown of the best and worst sleepers of the country. While we aren’t totally sure that access to great memory mattresses doesn’t play a role in this, it’s interesting to see how they break down these statistics into categories. Not only can we see which states are the best and worst sleepers, we can break it down by age, ethnicity, and sex. So who’s got the best sleeping habits (and best access to memory mattresses), we combed through the research so you don’t have to.

Rocky Mountain Air for Better Sleep, The South East for Worse

The studies showed that Minnesota, Colorado, and South Dakota were the best places for getting at least seven hours of sleep. Those states had a less than 30%t chance that a sleeper would experience sleep deprivation on an average night. Compare that to states like South Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi where sleep deprivation can run as high as 45% of the population. Clean air, low cost of living, and low population densities could all be factors in what makes the prairie such a sleep friendly environment. It’s surprising to note that while states like New York and California have higher than average sleep deprivation (35-38% for New York, slightly less for California) that they don’t even reach the top ten for worst sleep states. Maybe big city sleeping is aided by a healthy bunch of memory mattresses from Nectar. Country sleeping, even in an urban environment.

The Older You get the Less You Sleep

People over the age of 65 had a significantly higher risk of low sleep. They also experienced the least amount of rejuvenating REM sleep. These are all natural facts of aging, that can be combated with exercise, diet, and nutritional supplements. It also doesn’t hurt to have a great bed. Try Nectar memory mattresses and see if you can’t feel the difference. We bet you can.

Memory Mattresses For High Schoolers

The breakdown for high schoolers was similar to their adult counterparts, with one notable exception: the southern tip of Nevada. It seems that Las Vegas teens stay out as late as their adult counterparts. Additionally, it seems that girls (75% getting less than eight hours) get less sleep than boys (65%). Freshman get the most amount of sleep. With that number decreasing every year, from 58%, experiencing sleep deprivation is all the way up to 78% by the time they are seniors. There’s never been better evidence to go out and grab some memory mattresses for the teen in your life. Sleep is a vital function of anyone’s life. But especially teens as hormones and enzymes important to growth and development are formed during sleep. So how does where you live measure up to the best sleep states? It’s never too late to help your state’s average with Nectar memory mattresses. They use three different kinds of foam. First is a tencel cooling cover. All the latest technology to get you the sleep you need for a fraction of the cost. That’s a great deal no matter where you live.  

What Kind of Sleeper Are You

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