Prevent Sleep Deprivation as a College Student with a Nectar Mattress

Posted By Erin on Sep 15, 2016

It’s a tradition of most college students: the late night study session. Binging on books has long been the norm for students with impending exams, but new research from Harvard shows that googling a mattresses’ price and getting a good night’s sleep could be even better for your grades than spending that same time keeping yourself awake with caffeine and stress. While these studies have been done in adults before (see our blog for more on that), this is the first such study done on college students. This study showed that students who crammed, often had irregular sleep schedules, these schedules lead to a delay in the production of the important hormone, melatonin. Melatonin turns out to be super important in recall, general memory, and response times, all things that are so important before taking that big test or writing that long essay!

How to increase your GPA

When students got the correct number of sleep, there was an increase in their GPA by at least .1 a semester. While this might seem like a small uptick, think about that over the course of a student’s career. Just like a Nectar mattresses price, that seems like a no-brainer. And as a reasonable as Nectar is for mattresses price, even a student can afford to sleep well. The study showed that irregular sleepers’ melatonin levels were akin to a three hour delay in a subject’s response time. That meant that an eight am final felt like a five am test time! To think of it another way, it is the equivalent of traveling from the east coast to the west coast and before taking the test. No thanks!

Artificial Light

Irregular sleepers also usually were exposed to more artificial light, something that can also mess up your circadian rhythm. Often times artificial light is the enemy of sleep, and can lead to poor decision making and poor study habits. It also can lead to the ingestion of unhealthy food. This is a side effect that can lead to cardiovascular disease and other long term health issues. Limiting these factors can be vital in the short term, but more importantly in the long term for a successful student career. It puts the mattresses price in perspective when factored into tuition and other student expenses. This study was also interesting in that it took into account the regularity of a student’s sleep schedule.  That means that every night it is important to get an equal sleep. Why worry about your grades even more? If Nectar can help you knock one stressor off the list, we’ll be happy. Just trust us. With these mattresses price, you won’t lose any sleep. Let’s get those grades up!

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