Power Sleep Like a Pro Athlete

A professional athlete’s body is a finely tuned machine. Anything a little out of whack – be it diet, physical therapy, or yes, sleep – can throw off the whole system. With Athletes being paid millions of dollars, there’s every incentive for teams to make sure they’re in their best state of mind and body. It doesn’t just mean a new sleep mattress every couple months.  Nectar recently found an article with Cheri Mah, sleep expert for the world champion Golden State Warriors where she reveals her tips on how to best sleep like a pro. You may not have the jump shot of Steph Curry or Kevin Durant, but all our games are equal when we lie down on a quality Nectar sleep mattress. Here are some of Mah’s best strategies for a pro-style sleep regimen.

Sleep Seven Hours a Night… Or More

You may know about the average sleep time for the average joe (seven to nine hours), but some athletes need even more time on their sleep mattress than that! Add two more hours to your routine if you’re doing strenuous physical activity. “For elite athletes, we recommend eight to 10 hours plus every night,” Mah says.

Maintain a Regular Bedtime and Wake Up

Most of us use alarms to wake up in the morning, but Mah also uses them to remind us when it’s time to start cooling down and getting ready for bed. “As a reminder, set a daily alarm on your phone to go off 30 minutes before you want to start your wind-down routine.” she says.

Switch Up Your Sleep Environment

Mah says to make your room cave-like for optimal results. Hopefully for you that means a cave equipped with a great  Nectar sleep mattress.  Nectar’s tencel cooling cover can make the room feel cooler! “For darkness, I recommend blackout curtains; some people prefer eye masks. For quiet, use earbuds or earplugs. For coolness, set your temperature at 60 to 67 degrees.” says Mah.

Reduce Alcohol and Caffeine Intake

This one is a no-brainer but both of these liquids can have long-lasting consequences on your sleep routine. “Alcohol fragments sleep, particularly in the early morning hours. Caffeine’s effects can last about six hours, so it’s best to cut out caffeine in the late afternoon and evening,” says Mah.

Take Power Naps — but Not For Too Long

Naps are a great way to supplement your sleep schedule, especially when you’re looking for performance improvement for just a few hours. Mah recommends a twenty to thirty minute nap on your sleep mattress before a performance to get you to your optimal state. “For athletes, I do recommend pre-game naps,” Mah says. “Naps can give you a temporary improvement in alertness and performance for a few hours.” As always, a great sleep starts with a great mattress. Nectar has you covered with low-cost, high quality mattresses that are backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you want to sleep like a pro athlete without the pro athlete cost, a  Nectar is a no-brainer. See you on the court!