Ways to Go to Sleep

A better Nights Sleep Starts With a Positive Attitude

Here’s a chicken and egg conundrum: do people who have positive attitudes sleep better than people who don’t, or do people who sleep better have more positive attitudes? While it could be tied to who has the most comfortable bed, science seems to suggest that it actually might be the latter theory. A new study from researchers at Northwestern University’s Department of Neurology in Evanston, Illinois took 800 adults and monitored them over the course of two years. They asked each participant how they viewed their lives and if they considered themselves to be “happy” people. They then recorded the sleeping habits of the participants in their most comfortable bed. The results were surprising: the people who had positive attitudes were sixty-three percent less likely to have sleep apnea, and fifty-two percent less likely to have restless leg syndrome. The scientists are still trying to figure out exactly what this means for sleep. It could be that people with more positive attitudes sleep better because they are more likely to make healthy life decisions, but there is also strong evidence to suggest that the body works better when you have a positive attitude. Another thing that doesn’t hurt? Getting a full eight hours on the most comfortable bed. Any attitude can be changed by that. No matter what, these findings are supremely valuable for doctors in dealing with the elderly. This opens up the door for treatments for sleep disorders that don’t require expensive drugs, invasive surgeries, or new technology. So what can you do to make yourself feel good so you can sleep better on that most comfortable bed? Here are a few ideas that we’ve come up with.


Meditation is always a great option. It will keep you centered, and the relaxing nature of doing it often will help practitioners get to sleep quickly. It’s important to take this time for yourself, as we’ve covered before, it’s easy to let the surge of daily life envelope you, and meditation is a good way to still the noise.

Self Care

Eating right is an important step in your mental wellness as well as your physical one. Not only will eating right prevent indigestion and other physical states that can wake you up from a sound night’s sleep on the most comfortable bed, it also gives you a positive mental outlook by the self knowledge that you’re treating your body right.

Fewer Electronics by Your Most Comfortable Bed

We all know that we should use our phones less, but sometimes practicing this is harder than preaching it. Try leaving your phone in another room when you go to sleep, you’ll not only lose the distraction before bed, you’ll also be getting rid of blue light, which is the enemy of sound sleepers everywhere. Remember that your mental health is so important. We all exist on a continuum. It’s totally fine to have good days and bad. If you have any tips on how to get yourself to sleep faster, give us a comment! Rest and relaxation are two of the best parts of life. Even better when you can celebrate with them on the most comfortable bed. Happy sleeping!