Podcasts for Sleep - Sleep music To Listen To Before Bed

Podcasts for Sleep – Podcasts To Listen To Before Bed

Posted By Erin on Dec 8, 2016

A good podcast is like a good mattress: it should support you, refresh you, and leave you better than when you found it. Listening to a podcast before you go to sleep is a great way so prepare your brain for a good nights rest. So tuck in, turn on, and fall asleep to some of these informative and relaxing podcasts. We must say that they’re paired best with a Nectar mattress, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our comfortable mattress comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can order one and see for yourself.

Alice Isn’t Dead

This podcast is from the makers of Welcome to Night Vale. It is an episodic adventure story that follows around an unnamed protagonist. She roams the countryside in a truck to look for her long lost love. Both haunting and beautiful, this podcasts veers into the supernatural.  The surreal images that the protagonist comes across will surely inspire some wacky dreams. The voiceover is calming and well paced. It’s the perfect show for someone who loves the X-files, but doesn’t need to get too creeped out when falling asleep on a good Nectar mattress.

Twice Removed

Twice Removed is a brilliant podcast on the Gimlet platform. It’s hosted by author AJ Jacobs. This series focuses on showing us how we are all a little more closely related than we ever realized. Jacobs hosts a guest, then researches their life. He shows them significant ancestors that line up with their values. At the end of the show he reveals a current living relative. It’s someone that the guest already knows. The joy that Jacobs gets in the reveal is infectious. And it is fun to hear the guests recognize themselves in the people from the past. Each episode is just under an hour long. It’s a comfort to know that through the ages none of them had a good mattress like you, especially if you’re rolling with a Nectar.


S-Town is put out by the same folks who produce This American Life and the uber-popular Serial. This strikes a different more meditative tone though, as we follow the life of a brilliant and turbulent man named John B. Mclemore, a clock restorer in rural Alabama. While a little more serious, this podcast does a brilliant job combining journalism, prose, and interviews into a tight narrative that will leave you a changed person at the end of it — just like how your first night’s sleep on a good mattress from Nectar will also change you. As you can see the internet is a great bounty, from free podcasts to cheap, quality mattresses from Nectar, there are all sorts of ways the 21st century is helping you get your best sleep. So what are you listening to? We’d love to hear it!

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