Sleep Music to Listen to Before Going to Sleep

Podcasts to Listen to Before Going to Sleep

Posted By Erin on Sep 1, 2016

The science is in, we need to put our phones away when we sleep. As covered in previous Nectar blogs, there is almost nothing more harmful to sleep when you are tucked in your best comfortable bed and then bathe yourself in the artificial light caused by a phone or laptop. That means the emails you are checking or the youtube videos you are watching at night could be a big factor for why you’re waking up tired and unrested in the morning — even with the best comfortable bed From Nectar. So what do you do when your mind is racing, but you don’t want the artificial light pouring into your room? For many, the happy medium is a podcast. A podcast doesn’t use light and can act as the gateway to happy snoozes. Here are a couple that have caught our eye (or ears).

Sleep With Me

Sleep with me is a podcast specifically designed to help you doze off. The host and narrator tells long, purposefully droning stories that aid the listener to sleep. With over 500 episodes, you’re guaranteed to never run out of material. Although to be honest sometimes it might get a little repetitive. If you’re looking to just curl up in your best comfortable bed, this could be the exact thing you’re looking for.

Here’s the Thing With Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin’s voice was made to soothe you to sleep. The 30 Rock Actor has a resonant bass that calms and soothes. This fairly typical podcast format sees Baldwin as the Terry Gross-like host, interviewing actors, musicians, and politicians in a long format. Our favorite moments are when Baldwin tells his own stories of his youth and acting career. Just imagine the narrator from The Royal Tenenbaums narrating your last waking moments. This will help you drift off in the best comfortable bed you can imagine. It’s sure to give you Wes Anderson dreams.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

For the inquisitive sleeping mind, there’s the game show format of Tell Me Something I Don’t Know. The series, hosted by Steven Dubner, features three guest celebrity judges (and a fact checker) as they hear different contestants submissions for interesting and rare facts. Recent submissions have focused on cities, words, and politics. Never a dull moment, it might be a little loud for your best comfortable bed. But if you’re looking for a reason to stay up then maybe this is the one for you. As always Nectar is there for you with affordable, great mattresses. We get that you value the internet for the great content, and have tried to make buying a mattress just as straightforward as downloading your favorite podcast — and almost as cheap!

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