Why Do People Talk in Their Sleep?

Posted By Erin on May 15, 2017

Sleep talking can be totally unnerving. How often has your partner told you that you sleep talk? Or just as you’re about to drift off to sleep on the most comfortable mattress, you start to hear some strange sentences from the other side of the bed. Maybe your partner seems to be living out some strange fantasy or burbling totally nonsensical beat poetry. Either way, most of us have experienced sleep talking at some point in our lives. Previously scientists thought that perhaps sleep talking was something that happened when our brains couldn’t get fully into deep REM sleep, but now they are taking another look. It turns out that sleep talking is perfectly normal and healthy, and could happen even on the most comfortable mattress out there: a Nectar. So why do we do it? Where do those strange phrases come from? It turns out that it’s a little more nuanced than what we’ve been lead to believe.

Where do the Words Come From?

Sleep talking, or as sleep scientists call it, somniloquy, is actually still somewhat of a mystery. It actually shouldn’t be happening at all. For some reason in sleep talkers, the brain doesn’t shut down all the voluntary muscles for speech, and so the synapses that fire during a dream often times will manifest themselves in twitching, walking, and yes, talking. The good news? Almost everyone seems to experience it at some point in their lives. While men and children are more often the culprits of sleep talking, there is no real commonality that joins sleep talkers together.

Does the talk mean anything?

The short answer: not really no. Most of the time it’s just the mind organizing itself for the night. Sometimes it can be disconcerting to the audience of a sleep talker.  But often it’s just blissful musings that shouldn’t be taken seriously. In fact, it’s actually the law that no confession made while sleeping can hold up in a court of law! That’s because, as the National Sleep Foundation says, it’s understood that “sleep talking is not a product of a conscious or rational mind.” So go, enjoy your partner’s ramblings while relaxing on your most comfortable bed. Hey, you could even record them and make some money off of it! The singer Dion released an album that his roommate had recorded of him singing over 500 different song snippets that he had come up with while dreaming. Maybe the next hit record will be made while snoozing on a Nectar mattress. Stranger things have happened.

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