How New Pillows and Mattresses Can Transform Your Sleep

Out With the Old, In with the New: How New Pillows and Mattresses Can Transform Your Sleep

Let’s agree that 2018 is the year we sleep better. Since 2015, the US has been in the midst of a sleep crisis. That’s not just us saying it, the CDC declared it after learning that over a third of Americans don’t get the required 7 hours of sleep a night to qualify for a “full night’s rest.” Not only that, it’s never been harder to sleep, with our smartphones bringing the workaday world to our hands 24/7, it feels like we’ll never be able to make enough time to get the rest we deserve. Well get all that out of your mind, because we’ve got just the thing to make your sleep better than it’s ever been: new pillows and mattresses.

As with any hobby, new “stuff” can make all the difference. It’s not only easier to cook with new utensils, it’s more fun. It’s easier to play hockey when you have new gear, but it also makes you want to play more because of the novelty. It’s with that in mind that we encourage you to fall back in love with sleeping. Old mattresses and pillows are the enemies of sleep. You wouldn’t spend eight hours of your waking life on a crusty old pillow, so why would you do it when you’re asleep? We broke down the reasons why you should ditch the old and grab some new. Your body (and sleep) will thank you.

Old Pillows Break Down, Old Mattresses Break Down, Sleep Stays the Same

Things get older, it’s a simple fact of life. The family dog isn’t as spry as he used to be, you can’t score as many points in a pickup game of basketball as you used to, and pillows and mattresses are no exceptions to that rule. The more you wash an old pillow, the more it loses its form, the more it loses its form, the less likely it is to support your neck and back as you sleep. Mattresses are the same, while that old spring mattress you had ten years ago might have worked then, it’s not going to hold up to that same scrutiny in an age when the Backstreet Boys are going on reunion tours. It’s time to ditch the old and treat yourself to the new.

A new pillow is going to support your neck, and a new mattress will support back health. These are the foundations of a good night’s sleep, and ones that you’re probably giving short shrift to the longer you keep your old mattress. Nectar mattresses are made to support your back while also giving you the comfort of a traditional box spring. They’re also backed by a forever warranty, making them an obvious choice for someone who values quality and longevity in a new purchase.

So this spring, treat yourself to new pillows and mattresses. The old pillows may have had a good run, but its time to say goodbye. For your health, and for your sleep hygiene. Give it a try and tell us you don’t feel the difference, and at totally reasonable price points, you won’t have to spend a million to feel like a million.

Transform your sleep today and get a Nectar Mattress.  

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