Not Able to Sleep Comfortably - Signs It’s Your Mattress

Not Able to Sleep Comfortably? Signs It’s Your Mattress

Our bedroom should be our sanctuary, a place where we can forget about the stresses of work and life and drift into a beautiful deep sleep. There’s nothing worse than when this harmonious balance is disturbed and you find yourself awake, irritated, and not able to get back to bed. This is called insomnia, and it affects literally millions of us. There could be a million different reasons, loud neighbors, too much coffee, or even general anxiety, too often though the secret culprit is the one we love the most: our mattress.

That’s right, the biggest culprit in not being able to sleep is the one thing that we trust to get us to a place of rest and relaxation. So how do you know if it’s your mattress? Chances are you probably already have some idea, but here’s a list of five clues to look for when you are up late, surfing the web, not able to sleep.

Dead Arm Syndrome

This one is related to the back problem. Do you ever wake up in the morning with a dead arm? You know what I’m talking about, where it feels like the circulation has been cut off and it just sort of sits there at your side, not able to move? That could be because your mattress is cutting off circulation to parts of your body that need it. That’s because as traditional mattresses age, they lose their spring, creating pressures in areas of the bed where they shouldn’t be. Those areas push up against your body and create the circulation problems that can lead to this “dead arm” feeling.

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Allergies could be a huge culprit, there’s nothing worse than sneezing and coughing, tossing and turning and keeping you up when you should be asleep. Here’s the thing: your mattress could be making your allergies even worse. Many allergies are caused by dust mites, tiny microscopic creatures that thrive on the dust, skin particles, and sweat that are baked into your old mattress. Sounds gross, right? It is. If you’re feeling under the weather, and your allergies have you not able to sleep, it might be worth investing in a new mattress. Many new mattresses come with dust-mite resistant memory foam, which will help with your allergies and get you back to snoozing the untroubled sleep of the righteous.

Waking Up In the Middle of the Night

If you’re waking up at three or four AM, it could be your mattresses fault. Oftentimes our bodies realize our discomfort before our minds do, so if you’re having yet another sleepless night where you are not able to fall asleep, it could be because your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to it and make the change! Often times this is the first warning sign, followed by back pain, and ultimately ending in some pretty serious back issues. While sleep cycles often last around three hours, you shouldn’t be waking up in between them, doing so consistently is a sign that something needs to change — probably your mattress.

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Overheated Sleeper

One of my least favorite feelings is waking up hot, sheets drenched with sweat, tongue dry and stuck to the roof of your mouth. If that’s you, you definitely need a new mattress. Many traditional mattresses use materials that trap heat in, which goes against the body’s natural temperature progression. As we sleep, our bodies tend to cool. If they aren’t allowed to do this, we run the risk of waking up mid-sleep and hurting our sleep pattern. Newer mattresses use memory foam hybrids and new techniques to make sure that temperature regulation is a priority. You should never not be able to fall asleep, grab a new mattress and take back your sleep time. You’re going to be amazed at the change you feel!

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Disclaimer: Nectar Sleep are not medical professionals and do not offer medical advice. Please consult with your physician if you are experiencing trouble sleeping.