Why a New Mattress is the Hottest Gift to Give Your Significant Other This Valentine’s Day

It’s almost upon us, every year Valentine’s day sneaks up after the holidays. It’s always a mad dash to figure out what to get your significant other to show that you really care (and want to heat up your relationship). This year, skip the chocolates, flowers, and exciting underwear and think about getting something that’s really going to be a gamechanger for your relationship: a new mattress.

It may sound funny, but hear us out. While it’s true (and maybe obvious) that a new mattress is going to impact your *ahem* physical relationship, a new mattress can also build trust, empathy, and even reveal new things about your partner that you never knew before. Still skeptical? Let’s take a deep dive on how

Boost Your Sex Drive With Better Sleep

Are you feeling like you and your partner have stalled physically and want to get back the spark you had when you first met? It might be as simple as getting more sleep together. A recent study by the University of Chicago showed that men who slept less had a significantly lower production of testosterone, which is the hormone most directly tied with sex drive and desire. Women are no exception either, with those who get a poor night’s sleep saying that they were 20% less likely to initiate sex than those who do.

There’s also a link between sleep and serotonin, the mood balancing hormone that both men and women need, and is replenished by sleep. Getting more quality hours will increase serotonin levels, making sex more fun, invigorating, and emotionally satisfying. Not only that, there’s obvious benefits to getting a new mattress when, uh, experimenting in the bedroom, especially as old mattresses are often spring-based and can lose their form after a surprisingly short time. These days mattresses are inexpensive enough that it really doesn’t make sense to sleep and have sex on an old, deformed mattress, especially when a new survey finds that good sleep and sex are more important than money to the majority of the population. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself and feel the difference.


Gain Trust, Empathy, and Grace Alongside Your Partner (in Bed)

Sure, we all want better sex, but there’s also evidence to suggest that a new mattress is going to benefit your relationship in ways outside the bedroom as well. It turns out that brain health and empathy are pretty important touchstones in a relationship (duh), and sleeping is one way that your brain improves those functions. Sleep has been tied with amygdala health, increasing serotonin levels, and a more efficient production of melatonin. Those are all physical representations of the way our brain relates to people, builds relationships, and nurtures our loved ones. Sleeping together with your partner is a proven way to build trust and foster love. Buying a mattress for Valentine’s Day is the rare gift that’s going to build your love year round. Now grab that new mattress, invite your partner over, and get to work expressing that love in whatever way the spirit moves you.

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