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New Developments in App Technology for Better Z’s

Posted By Erin on Aug 23, 2016

As covered in a few of our other Nectar blogs, sleep tech is in a new and exciting place right now. The tech industry is finally getting hip to the potentially 6 billion dollar market of people trying to find a good night’s sleep. This doesn’t just mean new beds and mattresses (but we can say a Nectar is the best of those bunch), it also means new and cool apps. We sifted through a ton of them. Here are a couple more of our favorites that didn’t make the initial cut. As always, check the Nectar blog for future updates and helpful tips!


Twilight is a really cool app that changes the screen color of your phone to make it more conducive to sleep. It syncs with the natural sun cycle to create a realistic lighting situation in your room. Phone light can be one of the biggest culprits of restless nights, so the warm colors of Twilight are a great way to limit this and get back to your natural cycle. This paired with new beds and mattresses from Nectar make for a no-brainer. When tech pairs with natural cures, there’s nothing better.


Pillow is a multi platform app that allows you to track your sleep from your phone, tablet, or even apple watch. It’s strength comes from this multi-functionality as well as its ability to sync with apple health to give you a complete picture of your body’s fitness and sleep levels. It will track your movements at night and give you the answer to the eternal question: night owl or early riser? We’re guessing you probably know already, but it never hurts to have an app back you up.


Digipill is a fun take on the whole “I need to do x” with an app. While not specifically a sleep remedy app, it has many digital pills you “take” to learn better habits. Some of the sleep related courses include stress relief, anxiety minimalism, and insomnia prevention. The simple, easy-to-use design make it clear that even if you aren’t super tech savvy, that you’ll be able to navigate it easily. Many times these are common sense solutions, but it never hurts to have a good reminder. Another good reminder? New beds and mattresses are rad for sleep and you can find the best ones at Nectar. No other direct to consumer bed company builds Hi Core Adaptive foam into their mattress. Hi Core foam is heavy and expensive to ship. Premium adaptive foam is the single best inner layer for contouring a mattress to your pressure points.

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