The Netflix For Napping Is Here And It Is Naptastic

The Netflix For Napping Is Here And It Is Naptastic

Normally, suggesting that you watch something on Netflix right before bed would be anything but productive for getting a good night of sleep. It seems like a relaxing thing to doze off to, but generally watching one episode leads to two, two lead to four, and suddenly it’s 3 in the morning and you’ve just binge watched the entire season of Queer Eye for the Modern Guy.

We get it. Sometimes it’s nice to have the white noise of the TV in the background. Luckily there is now a solution for when you want the background noise but don’t want your brain kept abuzz all night. It’s this cool new site called Napflix, “a parody video platform where you can find the most silent and sleepy content selection to relax your brain and easily fall asleep.” Cool, right?

So What Is This Napflix Thing Anyway?

Napflix is a video streaming site that works similarly to Netflix in that it offers multiple categories and uses cookies to personalize suggestions for you. Only with Napflix, it’s all about content that makes you feel sleepy rather than makes you want to watch an entire season. Remember when you were in school and there was always that one text book you had to read for science or history class and, by the end of the section, you were either daydreaming about what you were doing after school or beginning to drool on yourself because you’d started to doze off? Napflix basically does the exact same thing, but with videos. These guys took the most mundane, relaxing, and daydream-inducing videos they could find, compiled them into one site, and organized them into hilarious categories like “Bob Ross” or “Crossword Puzzle Tournament”. Below we’ve come up with a list of ways to utilize this wonderful new site to help level up your napping


Three Perfect Scenarios For Using Napflix

  1. On a plane or on a bus.

If you’re someone who has spent a decent amount of time in transit, you know how much it can mess with your sleep. It’s especially bad if you’re someone who has difficulty falling asleep on a long flight, bus ride, or train ride, because not only are you dealing with the lag of switching time zones, you’re also dealing with straight up sleep deprivation. Napflix is perfect for these scenarios. Just plug your headphones in, pull up Napflix on your phone or your laptop, and get lulled to sleep by the sounds of a beach, the white noise of a fan, or Matthew McConaughey watching the rain (that’s a real category).

  1. On your lunch break.

Raise your hand if you wish siestas were more of a thing in the States? Yeah, same here. Unfortunately in the West, lunch breaks tend to only last 30-60 minutes, which is not always enough time to grab a bite and lay your head down to rest. Now with Napflix, catching a few zzz’s may be easier than ever. Pull up a video about the life of a panda, and get lulled into a trance that will have you nodding off before you’ve finished the last bite of your empanada.

  1. Background noise for when your roommates are being loud.

If you tend to be the early-to-bed, early-to-rise type, it may be difficult to fall asleep if there is still noise happening in other parts of the house. With Napflix you can tune into some relaxing background noise that isn’t your partner’s work phone call gone late, your roommates playing Mario Kart, or your kids having a sleepover. Tune in and nod off.

Nectar + Napflix = Match Made For Napping Heaven

Napflix is a brilliant and hilarious way of helping your brain relax enough to catch that oft eluded sleepy time, but it’s not always that simple. Sometimes a solid stint of sleep takes a little more than nodding off while someone teaches you Klingon. If you find yourself still struggling to nap like a champ after an hour of the 2013 World Chess Final, it may be time to dig a little deeper into your sleep struggles, particularly when it comes to your mattress. If you tend to sleep hot, feel like you have some mattress indents, or are just plain sore in the morning, it might be time to upgrade to something new. 

If you’re really looking to up your nap game it might be time to switch it up with a new Nectar mattress. The best part is, you can try it out for an entire 365 days, at no risk. That’s a lot of time to test out Napflix and literally count sheep. Nectar + Napflix = #dreamteam. Your perfect nap awaits!