Why You Need to Get Rid of Your Coil Spring Mattress

Why You Need to Get Rid of Your Coil Spring Mattress

There’s a good reason that we are in the midst of a full on nineties revival — there’s a lot to like about that time! Good music, cool tv shows, fast cars, you name it and the nineties had it. There’s one thing that should probably stay in the nineties though: your coil spring mattress. While they may have cut the mustard when Bell Biv Devoe were cool, if you’re still sleeping on your coil spring mattress, it is most definitely slowing you down these days.

You might be nostalgic for a lot of things, but we guarantee the sleep you get on a memory foam now is a ton better than the sleep you get on a coil spring mattress. We’re here to break down the reasons why you need to ditch the coil spring mattress and get into the twenty-first century for your bedding. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics, there is real scientific evidence to suggest that a memory foam mattress is just about the best thing you can do for your sleep and overall wellness. So, to paraphrase 90’s comedian Jerry Seinfeld, “What’s the deal with coil springs?”

Coil Spring Mattresses Last Less Than Ten Years

Most traditional coil spring mattresses come with a ten year guarantee. While that might sound like a long time, that’s actually a bit misleading. Even when flipping the mattress regularly, coil springs typically only last around five or six years. That means it could be four years of sleeping on shoddy coil springs before you realize that your sleep is being significantly affected. A coil spring mattress uses coils to create tension, but when those springs lose their effectiveness it can lead to back pain, slipped discs, and even nerve damage in some extreme cases.

A memory foam mattress eschews traditional coil springs for the more effective memory foam, which doesn’t lose its shape or tension, and allows a comfortable sleep while supporting your spine and neck. It makes for a much more restful sleep, solving your back issues rather than creating them.

Your Old Mattress Could be Full of Pet Dander — or Worse

Coil spring mattresses work by having a lot of space between the mattress and the coils in the form of air pockets. Those air pockets are quickly filled up by skin particles, sweat, and pet dander while you sleep on your bed. The particles then become food for dust mites, tiny microscopic inhabitants that you don’t ever want creeping into bed with you. While you can’t see a dust mite (if you could, it’d definitely give you the heebie-jeebies), you can feel their effects.

Dust mites create particles in the air that can trigger allergies in people and pets. If your nose feels red and swollen in the morning, it could just be because your coil spring mattress is host to a raging party of dust mites. The Nectar memory foam mattress not only doesn’t have the space for dust mites to inhabit, it also comes with a tencel cooling cover, which prevents allergens and dust mites from finding the space in the first place.

Memory Foam Mattresses Feel Better

And in the end, let’s face it: memory foam mattresses sleep better. Not only are they able to support your spine, they can contour to your body in ways that a coil spring mattress can’t. This creates a heavenly sleep that is individually tailored to each sleeper. The technique of memory foam is a true 21st century development, which came to being after NASA scientists developed it for astronauts. NASA realized that sleeping was super important to the wellbeing of its astronauts.

So which sounds better to you, a grungy old spring coil mattress, or a state of the art memory foam? Yeah, the answer sounds like a no-brainer to us too. Let’s make a resolution that 2018 is the year that spring coil mattresses go the way of the tape deck. Sure, you can remember fondly the times you had in the nineties, but it’s time to treat yourself to beautiful, relaxed, and most importantly modern sleep. You’ll never go back to the way things were.

Upgrade to quality comfort and ditch your old coil spring mattress.