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Nectar Mattresses Cut Down on The Secret Threat to Your Sleep — Air Pollution

Looking for a new mattress can be so overwhelming. You can comb through looking for the perfect review on mattresses, but how do you know what to look for? Is it comfort? Is it durability? It seems like there can be any number of factors that go into making a mattress great. Here’s one thing you may not have thought about: how your mattress affects the air quality in your room. It’s no surprise to us, but it turns out the review on Nectar mattresses comes out way ahead in that regard.

Global Warming Affects Sleep

A study of over 2,000 sleepers showed that people who live in carbon dioxide rich environments (think places with a lot of cars, like cities) were sixty percent more likely to have sleep difficulties than their rural counterparts. “These findings indicate the possibility that commonly experienced levels of air pollution not only affect heart and lung disease, but also sleep quality,” said Martha E. Billings, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Washington. “Improving air quality is one way to enhance sleep health and reduce health disparities.” This is the first time that a direct link has been shown between room pollution levels and long term sleep results — the review on mattresses is in: find one that cuts down the pollutants in your room.

Simple Sleep Biology

Billings believes air pollutants lead to biological responses from the body, from irritation and inflammation of the airways and nasal passages, to even more serious sleep maladies like sleep apnea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. These are diseases that directly affect your sleep both in the short and long terms. It is vitally important to prevent them before they start. So where can you look for relief? You’re in luck, Nectar has you covered.

Nectar’s Tencel Cooling Cover Promotes Respiratory Health

The engineers at Nectar have long been at work on a design to promote a new and healthy sleep area, one that can stand up to even the most scrutinous review on mattresses. Every Nectar comes made with a tencel cooling cover. Specially milled and loomed to breath, it draws heat away and circulates fresh air for a perfect temperature sleep. Not only that, but  Nectar’s quilted cover is naturally bedbug resistant for a fresh and healthy environment every time you lie down. Nectar’s cover circulates fresh air throughout the mattress with every move you make, promoting air quality and better health. As you can see the review on mattresses are in, Nectar is best in quality and value. Get one and see the results for yourself.