A Nectar Mattress Was Our First Big Purchase When We Moved

By Jack Ross

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Moving in with Sarah was the natural move after being together for five years. We both were renting separate apartments in New York, and we had a lot of stuff. After looking at a few Zillow rentals, we finally found our new place. But the biggest sticking point when we finally decided to take that step: Whose mattress were we going to keep?

After a lot of, “discussion,” we decided that a neutral court would be best. That meant buying a new mattress.

I spent the next few weekends going to mattress stores in search of the perfect new bed. But the ones I saw were too pricey and had no return policy. That’s when I started searching for mattresses online, but the options were overwhelming. I decided to talk to my friend Logan—he does more research online than a private detective. To no surprise, he recently bought a new Nectar mattress online for him and his wife, and they both loved it. I knew I had to check out Nectar for myself.

Let’s just say I was impressed. Nectar offered a 365-night risk-free home trial, so Sarah and I could make sure the mattress worked for both of us—and we had a year to figure it out. They also had free shipping and returns, which never hurts. And with their Forever Warranty, knowing that my investment is protected will help me sleep better at night (pun intended).

All of that was enough for me to click the buy button, and Sarah was on board.

It only took a little more than a week for our new queen size Nectar to show up at our doorstep the same day we moved in (we made sure to follow the rule of ordering about 10 days ahead).  I’ve yet to read an instruction manual in my life, and there was literally zero set up for the mattress. Just open the bag, and watch it inflate to 11 inches in height. It doesn’t even need a boxspring or a platform, which is perfect because we didn’t have either in a queen size yet. So, on the floor it went, and Sarah and I couldn’t wait to go to sleep.

The next day, we woke up feeling so rested and didn’t want to get out of bed. The memory foam in the mattress felt like it was contouring our bodies. We also got two premium pillows, which were so much more comfortable than our old ones

After about a week of amazing sleep, we forgot that we could return the mattress — the thought never crossed our minds.

I tend to sleep hot and Sarah usually needs, like, all the blankets. But with Nectar’s body temperature regulating cover, we both sleep comfortably throughout the night (and fight less over the covers).

It’s great to know that even though we work long hours, we can make up for it by getting great sleep every night in our new comfy bed. And because both of us are feeling on top of our game, I’ve started running in the mornings again, and Sarah’s taking yoga and cycling classes a few times a week. We’re like this young, healthy couple now, and it all started with a Nectar mattress.

This was first big purchase we made together. It feels like our new life has a really solid foundation. One day, we may even be buying an apartment. Sarah and I are in it for the long haul, and our Nectar will be right there with us.

Take my advice: Try Nectar for yourself, and start getting the best sleep you’ve ever had.

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