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Nectar Backorder Update: Nectar Shipping on Schedule

Posted By Erin on Aug 8, 2016

We won’t make any excuses – Nectar mattresses are so popular that we sold out. We regret that the Nectar backorder meant Nectar shipping system couldn’t handle our orders fast enough. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused our customers. It’s our mission to help people everywhere sleep better on the most comfortable mattress. That’s why we are hard at work to make sure that Nectar shipping is being addressed, and apologize for the Nectar backorder that some of our valued customers experienced. Nectar was founded on the principles that nothing is more important that your sleep. We can assure you that addressing the Nectar backorder and overall shipping process has been our top priority for the last months. Getting Nectar shipping on schedule has been our top priority.  While we can’t get you your mattress any faster, we’ve reached out to all our patient customers who experienced this issue. We have made sure all of our customers were able to stay updated and taken care of by our world-class Nectar customer service team. Whether you are moving locations or just upgrading your current home, our team is here to take care of you and make sure your Nectar mattress brings you the best sleep possible.  We appreciate our thousands of Nectar sleepers who have made Nectar, “The Most Comfortable Bed”! Nectar is designed to provide unmatched comfort for years to come, and we have promised to do our best to resolve Nectar shipping. We know our mattresses are worth it, and our community agrees.

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