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Nectar Backorder Resolved: Nectar Shipping Update

Posted By Erin on Aug 7, 2016

Our Nectar backorder schedule is now taken care of. We know many of our customers wanted mattresses sooner and we are pleased to announce that our backorder issues have been resolved. We apologize we let you down with the Nectar backorder and are doing everything we can to make it up to our community. Over the last weeks our customer service team has been working tirelessly to ensure that all Nectar backorder issues have been taken care of. We are happy to say that Nectar mattresses are back in stock and shipping is back up and running. While we love that the “The Most Comfortable Bed” has been receiving high demand from customers ready for a better sleep, Nectar’s production process includes 200 steps and 6 separate quality reviews. This means that production takes time, and Nectar shipping can’t go faster. As an employee owned company focused on your satisfaction, we refuse to compromise by speeding production. We wanted to give you the update that we have resolved the Nectar backorder. Now you can go back to feeling centered and rested We’ve addressed this issue by working closely with our supplier to make sure we expect the high volumes of orders. We appreciate our thousands of Nectar sleepers who have made Nectar, “The Most Comfortable Bed”!  We wouldn’t be here without and are grateful for the support of our community. Thanks for checking for our Nectar shipping update!

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